Please Sir, I Want Some More


I don’t ask for much, I’m pretty easy please

but I want enough snow to at least cover the leaves…





It hasn’t snowed here nearly enough for me, and it’s almost Christmas.  We had some “warmer” weather recently and although it was nice to have the milder temps, it melted all the lovely snow we had.  Then the other day it rained.  Rained, in December, in Minnesnowta.  Sigh… if all that rain had been snow, it would have been a beautiful, magical, amazing winter wonderland around here.  And I for one, want that.  At least for Christmas, then it can melt if it wants to.

I was out running errands the other day in that rain.  There’s nothing more unpleasant than running errands in the rain.  Now don’t get me wrong, I actually love the rain, and it was foggy out too, and I adore fog, but not in the winter, in the winter I want SNOW, especially at Christmas time.  And even as potentially hazardous as the driving might have been, I would have much rather been running those errands driving around in the snow.  Heck… isn’t that what 4-wheel drive is for?  And besides, if you’re gonna get all wet while out running errands, it may as well be from some festive, pretty, white, wet snow.  😉

I was wishing so much that all that rain was snow, and guess what happened… after that long day of running errands in the rain, I awoke the next morning to find snow on the ground!  It was so lovely, and how fun is it that I got my wish!?  Hey, wishes can be powerful things!

But I think I need to wish just a little bit harder, because it wasn’t quite enough snow for a true white Christmas ~ as you can see above, it barely covered the leaves.  There isn’t any snow in the forecast between now and Christmas either, so I may need to have a talk with the weatherman…

  “Please Sir, I want some more.”    😀



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


27 responses to “Please Sir, I Want Some More

  1. Cute little foray into your love and attachment for snow. I’d rather have snow than rain too. I hope your dreams come true. 🙂

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  2. I agree at this time of the year rain is not such a great thing anymore… cold winter rain can be really nasty. I hope you’ll get some more snow for Christmas! The photo is gorgeous Julie! 🙂

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  3. Oh how I relate! I’d rather drive in snow than rain as well — and post office errands in the rain are the worst! Soggy paper and boxes, yuck! 😦
    We still haven’t had any snow worth talking about. Not a single white blanket has been spread! Rooftops, sure, but no real snow yet. I desperately want a white Christmas, as we didn’t have one last year. I, too, have been glad to have warmer weather, but it feels strange. I’d say I preferred the crazy winter weather from last December, but I don’t want to start a fight! lol
    The girls and I went to the bus stop this morning, and I’m pretty sure that was the coldest it’s been yet this autumn. Walking into the wind, I thought, “If it’s gonna be this cold, it should snow!”

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    • The post office was one of the places I went! I planned ahead though and had all my packages and letters wrapped in plastic. I have always said too that if it’s gonna be cold, we may as well have some pretty snow to look at. 😀

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  4. It will snow for Christmas Jewels … I’m sure of that…

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  5. I expect the good folk at WordPress can organise something for you Julie.

    Oh, wait a minute. . . what’s that? It’s snowing!

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  6. Crazy that you may not have a white Christmas in Minnesnowta! (I love that!) We’re in a warm, rainy, blah weather pattern here too, but that’s typical for here in December…and pretty much every other month yoo. I think we’ve only had two white Christmases during my 44 years. Why can’t that darned polar vortex start blowing some cold down south? Just a little snow, not enough to ruin people’s travel plans. 🙂

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    • I know it’s crazy, I actually can’t remember ever not having snow on the ground for Christmas. Hope this year won’t prove to be any different. I sent some of my long distance snow-loving southern friends and my nephew in California some “Snow in a can” for Christmas this year to help make the season “white” for them, guess I should have picked up a can of it for myself. 😉

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  7. We are having the same weather. Brown weather. Snow is much prettier especially when the roads are dry.

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  8. Wishes are indeed wonderful things, and I do hope yours comes true. Loved this sweet ode to snow:-) H xxx

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  9. Love “brown weather” from the other Julie! Its is a bit of a downer!

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    • I know, that described it perfectly! Only because of the rain, I would have added wet… “brown, wet weather.” I like the color brown as much as the next person, but I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, not a brown one. 😉

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  10. Yes, it doesn’t feel like Christmas without the snow, does it? Keep dreaming of a white Christmas…you might just get it!

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  11. Sorry for not enough snow, but your leaf picture is beautiful.

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    • Thanks Loisajay! The photo doesn’t really capture the scale of it, but that leaf is almost the size of a dinner plate! It’s from the Sycamore tree in my yard, it has huge leaves on it. They don’t change color in the fall, but they’re still quite a spectacle. 🙂


  12. Be very careful what you wish for…unless that is, that you wish for only a certain number of inches. 😀

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  13. Oh yes please – snow at Christmas would be delightful! What a nice shot.


  14. All we’ve really gotten since Thanksgiving is rain. Oops, the sun finally just came out! Time to get outside & enjoy! Have a merry day!!!


    • Same here… mostly just dreary rain. I’m so disappointed we didn’t get a white Christmas here, I don’t even remember a time we didn’t have at least a little snow on the ground for Christmas. But we did have a few flurries yesterday and that was fun to see on Christmas Day. Hope you had a merry Christmas Lori! 🙂

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