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Icy Adventures

 I’m always keeping an eye out for new and interesting adventures, so when I heard about an Ice Castle at a park not too far from home, I thought it might be something cool to go and see.  And it was, literally.  😉

It was a balmy 28 degrees yesterday, and I figured that was about as good as it was gonna get for January in Minnesota, so my daughter and I bundled up and headed over there to check it out.

When we first stepped through the “gates” I was a bit awestruck, it was like walking into a frozen cavern in Antarctica.  The ice formations were absolutely stunning, it took my breath away!  After taking a few moments to just revel in the beauty of it all, I excitedly began snapping photos.

Unfortunately, it was not the best lighting that day for taking pictures with my camera, but I did end up with a few that turned out alright…




I wish I could have truly captured just how gorgeous it really was.

And I also wish I could have gotten a better shot of this next one… looking up was so amazing, the huge icicles looming above our heads were like giant frozen stalactites…


 As we ventured further in though, we were a bit disappointed to realize that it was mostly an open type of area.  In looking at the pictures and information online we were expecting it to be different, more enclosed.  There were a couple of pathways that gave more of a feel of being inside an icy cavern, but they weren’t anywhere near as lovely and inspiring as the entrance was.  There were a few smaller cavities, tunnels, and even an ice slide for children to enjoy, but alas… I was too large to explore them.  My daughter was sad that she was too large as well, and she’s pretty small.  I enjoyed watching all the children enjoy it though, and there were millions of them everywhere, it was wonderful!  They were loving every inch of that place, so filled with wonder and excitement, it was really a delight to see!  I ❤ children.

But because those millions of children were there along with their parents, that made for tons of people, so it was hard to get wider shots without any people in them.  I did manage to get a couple though.  I loved the way this tree was leaning…


Funny, the tree in this one is leaning a bit too…


As a whole, the place seemed more like a fortress of iced walls than a castle to me.  But those walls sure were beautiful…


This next one was taken from outside of the castle.  Evening was falling, so the lighting was even more of a problem for me to get a decent photo, but you can still tell that it was a lovely and impressive wall of ice.  Those trees in the background were quite tall if that helps give any idea of the scale of its size…


At night the ice is all lit up, and as you can probably imagine… the affect is spectacular!  Sadly, I was not able to get any photos that weren’t all blurry, and I hesitate to even share this one that I took from the parking lot outside as we were leaving because it’s a really poor example of how amazing it looked, but I will anyway because the color is so lovely…


Blue is such a beautiful color isn’t it?  ❤

And winter is beautiful too!  I really enjoyed this little Icy Adventure, thanks for letting me share it with you!   😀


I’ll leave you with this music video of Lindsey Stirling performing Crystallize.  It’s one of my favorites, and interestingly… it was filmed at one of these same Ice Castles that they made in Colorado.  If you like violin and dubstep music, it’s well worth the 5 minutes to watch, not to mention the icy scenery is pretty cool…


Enjoy the rest of the weekend!  Stay cool!



✿~Peace & Love~✿

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