This is One Beautiful Cup of Tea


“Where flowers bloom

so does hope.”

                                                   ~ Lady Bird Johnson


DSCF3743a1 (479x640)

I may not have flowers blooming in my garden right now, but I’ve got them in my cup!  Thanks to a thoughtful friend who went on vacation and brought me back this lovely little gift from her layover in China.  What an absolute delight to have flowers ‘blooming’ in my tea!


It’s just so amazing to me that this…

DSCF3464a (640x504)

Could turn into this…


Seriously now, how pretty is that?!   ❤

I love tea, and have a whole cupboard filled with all different flavors (peppermint or chai being my favorites), but I’ve never tried, nor even heard of flowering tea.  Apparently, flowering teas have many various health benefits too depending on what’s in them.  I didn’t really care for the flavor of this one though, so after a few sips I set it aside to enjoy for it’s visual beauty rather than its flavor.

We’re in the dead of winter here with spring a looong way off yet, so it sure was nice to have something else ‘blooming’ around here.  😀


Hope there’s something beautiful blooming where you are too…




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

20 responses to “This is One Beautiful Cup of Tea

  1. Fun Julie. I’ve never heard of flowering teas either. It doesn’t look like something to drink! but it is pretty. 🙂

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    • It really was fun watching it open up and ‘bloom.’ 🙂 I know, it doesn’t really look like something to drink, but I wanted to drink it to ‘drink’ in the whole experience. 😉 Now I’m glad I didn’t because I really enjoy looking at it, I set it in my window next to my agate (their colors match) and it makes me smile. It still looks lovely today, and I’m just going to leave it there until I have to pour it out. 😀

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  2. I’ve always wanted to try one of those blooming teas. The pictures are always so pretty but I didn’t realize how big the flowers could get until seeing yours. It’s very pretty!

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    • I had never even known about them, so I was really excited when she gave it to me, and I was like a kid trying it out. I’m so easily pleased and amused. 😉 I’d like to get more, maybe see if I could find one that comes in a flavor I like so I could drink it. 🙂


  3. Now this is totally new to me… but does look interesting being a teetotaler myself… a beautiful cuppa in more ways than one….

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  4. I have heard of flowering tea + it is so beautiful…I have never tried it , but it looks amazing!

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    • It was really cool watching it open up. I don’t know if other flowering teas would taste any better, but it would be fun to find out, even if only to see the various designs. It’s like a garden in a cup! 😀


  5. Love this photo and was really surprised to read down and see the picture of the small packet – what a great idea ♥

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  6. Such a lovely post! ❤ Thank you for sharing Julie 🙂

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  7. It is beautiful. I recognize red clover, jasmine and chrysanthemum, which is popular in Asia. There is a Japanese restaurant nearby that serves chrysanthemum tea. Not overly flavorful, it is supposed to be soothing like chamomile.

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  8. It’s so pretty !! I would be scared to drink the tea, it’s too beautiful 😉

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  9. A friend of mine mailed me one with elderberries, chamomile and blueberry — I can’t remember what else. It was okay to taste, but it was much prettier than its taste.

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  10. A cup of summer warmth in the midst of cold winter–perfect! 🙂

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