Barbed Wire Branches


Barbed wire branches can’t fence in my eyes

nor restrict them from seeing this lovely sunrise

My heart’s eyes so thirsty for color filled drink

now sip on lush hues of violet and pink.


© Julie Rehnelt 2015




Finally some relief from all the gray!  Yes, I think purple and pink suit me just fine for a Monday morning, what a beautiful start to the week.

A happy Monday and many blessings to you and yours today…



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


35 responses to “Barbed Wire Branches

  1. I am sipping on the pink! It tastes like strawberries!! 🙂 I love it! 🙂 ❤

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  2. Ha, you ladies and pink! Wonderful photo and poem to start my day with a little color and cheer. Thanks Julie.

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  3. What an amazing photograph – and such lovely words too! H ❤

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    • Thanks so much Hariod! I was doing some experimenting with my Mom’s camera, and was actually originally trying to zoom in on a huge flock of crows that were congregating in a tree, but as I was looking through the lens I saw this pattern of branches that looked interesting and snapped a few photos of them while I was at it. I never was able to capture a shot of the crows ~ too many branches in the way ha! Hope you’re having a lovely day over there across the pond. ❤


  4. What luscious colours in the sky.

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  5. Lovely photo and poem 🙂 I do prefer the pink/purple sunrises/sunsets to the orange/gold 🙂

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  6. I love that photo – the shape of the branches against that gorgeous color! – and I love the words you wrote to go with it. This post was a welcome spot of color and beauty in my gray day. May the color and beauty around you continue throughout your day!

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    • Thanks so much Trisha! I’m glad it was a spot of color and beauty in your gray day yesterday. It’s another gray morning here, but I heard that there’s a bit of snow on the way, so that makes it better, I could do with a fresh coat of lovely white snow to cover up some of the gray.
      Hope your week is off to a good start and that you’re doing well. It’s my Rachael’s birthday tomorrow so I’m busy, busy, busy over here. – She’ll be happy to have snow for her birthday. 😀


      • Happy birthday to Rachel! How old is she now? We just celebrated Daniel’s 15th birthday a couple of weeks ago. It’s fun, but alarming how fast the years are going by! I hope you get that fresh snow. I don’t think we’re going to get any here this year. 😦


      • She’s 23. I know, yikes the years really do go fast! A happy belated 15th to your Daniel! We did get some snow yesterday and it’s the light, fluffy sparkly kind, it’s so pretty! Never say never for getting snow there this year, you know… Mother Nature can be very finicky. 😉


  7. Beautiful sentiments and gorgeous photo. Have a wonderful week filled with blessings, dear Jewels ♥

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  8. What brilliant colours…

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  9. Wow, what a lovely way to start the day. Almost makes it easy to get out of bed (note I said ‘almost’)! 😉

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  10. I hit the like button but wished for a LOVE button. Beautiful words!

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  11. Pure poetry: your words and the photograph! Ahh, so beautiful and inspiring. Thanks, Julie!

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