Remove Children

I went to the Whole Foods Market in downtown Minneapolis with my sister this past weekend, and I have a random tidbit from that trip I’d like to share…

Maybe I was already in a silly mood, as is quite often the case whenever I’m with my sister, or maybe it’s just my odd sense of humor, but this sign struck me as so funny when I saw it atop an escalator, and I made my sister take a picture of it with her phone…


The funniest part about it was that the sign was animated, and there was just something about watching the stick-figure parent repeatedly taking the stick-figure child out of the cart that tickled my funny bone in a special way.  Yeah… it doesn’t take much, I’m often easily amused.  😉

Or maybe it was because it said “remove children” and that just sounded so dang funny to me for some reason.  Still does.  And who knew there was even such a thing as an escalator for shopping carts?  I sure didn’t.  But perhaps the more important question here is… who would need to be instructed to remove their child before sending their cart down in such a contraption?

Although… I do have to admit, it did sort of remind me a bit of an amusement park ride, and part of me wanted to take a little ride down it myself.  Of course, I’m much too big to fit into the child seat of the cart, otherwise, who knows… I just may have been tempted to give it a try.

After all…


I have been known to do strange and unusual things where other stick-figure instructions are concerned…


Can’t remove the child in me!  😀


Hope you have a wonderful day, and may you come across random things that amuse you too…



✿~Peace & Love~✿

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27 responses to “Remove Children

  1. Hihihihihihihih 😀 I am still laughing!!! 😀 You are funny!! 😀

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  2. I’ve seen folks get stuck on an escalator with a baby in a stroller so *anything* is possible–safety first!!! 🙂

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  3. Thanks for the giggles Julie! XD I can see you riding the escalator in your shopping cart! Sounds like a new amusement ride. 🙂

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  4. Love this Julie!

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  5. This post made me chuckle 🙂 ❤

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  6. What if you don’t have a child to remove? What then!!!!!! 😁😳

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  7. Love it. That is hilarious.

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  8. It amazes me that we need these instructions.

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  9. Hahaha! Julie, it’s been a long morning and this post was just what I needed to brighten things up 🙂

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  10. A similar notice that amuses me as much is ‘Keep away from children’

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  11. Why yes, I did get up from my chair to look upside down at you! This way funny! Some signs…..who gets paid to make these things up?! Awesome.

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  12. LOL – laughter is the best medicine, so it is good to have your funny-bone tickled. You might get a chuckle out of this site:

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  13. AHAHA! Wonderful!
    I’m easily amused as well, which must surely be better than not!

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  14. we have several of those cart escalators where i live in so-cal, however i’ve never seen those signs! perhaps people like me are the reasons they need to make them bigger and flashier lol

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  15. Too funny! I would get the giggles over a sign like that too. Some of the pictures that go along with the instructions on signs are hilarious. Although not as funny as the mental picture of you riding the cart down the escalator! 🙂

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  16. LOL! This is hilarious 😀 Thanks for sharing, Julie!

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