A Short Little Escape

I recently took a little escape from the cold to go see the Winter Flower Show that is going on in the Sunken Garden at the Como Park Zoo & Conservatory.  It’s something I always tend to do around this time of year to feed my garden starved soul during the long winters here.  I was a bit pressed for time and didn’t get to stay there as long as I would have liked to, so a trip back there again to better soak it all in will definitely be in order sometime in the near future.  But it was a nice little gardening fix to tide me over in the meantime, and such a wonderful flowery escape.

In being pressed for time, I didn’t take very many photos while I was there.  Plus because of the extreme temperature differences between the sub zero temps outside and the tropical temps inside, my camera lens was fogging up quite a bit, and never did completely regulate to the tropics before I left.  But I do have a few to share that turned out okay.  Funny that they’re all in various shades of pink and yellow…


These little gems really caught my attention with their bright, cheerful colors.  Is there anything sweeter than the happy little ‘faces’ of these adorable Primroses?


Like round little mounds of joy, they are…


They make me happy!  🙂

Just so darling…



It was unbelievably fragrant in there too, almost too much so, and I suppose these beauties were the culprits…


Or these…



I can’t even say how refreshing and delightful it was to see Spring blooming things sprouting up.  I really adored the white edges on these…


And I adored these daffodils too…



I never did get around to planting daffodils (or any other new spring flowering bulbs) in the flower bed last fall, and I’m regretting that now.

Oh well, the squirrels probably would have dug them up anyway, the little thieves!


Who me?


Yes, you!


Oops, how did that photo sneak in here?  He wasn’t at the Winter Flower Show.  But I bet he would have liked to have been haha!


I know, I sure enjoyed it.  😀

Happy Monday, or whatever day it is where you are, I hope it’s a lovely one!




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


24 responses to “A Short Little Escape

  1. LOL, Darn squirrels! Thanks for a fun frolic around the tropical gardens Julie. How wonderful to get a preview of spring and a break from the cold.
    to spring flings 🙂

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  2. Beautiful flowers! The vibrant color certainly does feed the garden-deprived soul. It must have felt so good to be surrounded by so much green, color and plant life-force again. I, too, wish I had more spring blooming bulbs but, alas, my squirrels do steal or destroy them. They’re lucky they’re so darn cute! I hope you get a chance to go back to the garden show to soak in the green. Wishing you a happy Monday!

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    • Thanks! It was really wonderful being amongst all the growing things.
      Haha squirrels are lucky they’re so darn cute! 😀
      Hope your week is off to a wonderful start Trisha! ❤


  3. Lovely photos full of beautiful Spring colour. Here in Dublin, we continue to have cold windy weather but the flowers are emerging – hope Spring arrives for you soon

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    • Thanks Lorna, they really were a refreshing sight to see! Here too we have cold windy weather, I’m afraid it will be quite sometime before spring arrives around here. Enjoy those emerging flowers! 🙂

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  4. Beautiful pictures, love all the bright colors! Your squirrel is a cutie pie, too. 🙂

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  5. Great shot of the squirrel Julie, and a perfect caption – the little fella looks a bit self-consciously guilty doesn’t he? H ❤

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  6. the flowers are beautiful; the squirrel is adorable!

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  7. Thank you for the lovely lovely pictures!! They made me smile and feel all happy inside, and I love that cute squirrel too!! 🙂 I was thinking that if you miss gardens then perhaps you might like my poem today, here it is:

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  8. Oh, what a joy to see all those lovely flowers – the lilies must have been swoon-worthy! Food for the soul.
    Great shot of the squirrel – how can we stay mad at them for long?

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  9. Nice spring is in the air images!

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  10. Very bright and cheerful colours, it’s nice !

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  11. I also had troubles with my lens fogging when I visited a couple months ago. You got some wonderful photos!

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  12. I was going to be envious, then I went to the Smith College Bulb show and saw gorgeous flowers myself. So now I can be big-hearted and thank you for the lovely photos!

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