Farewell Winter


As the earth basks under a warm sun, winter grasses sway gently on a light breeze, waving farewell to cold white snow, and welcome to brisk blue waters

in joyous anticipation of spring.


© Julie Rehnelt 2015



Gosh, just lovely, lovely weather we’re having here, it’s been sooo wonderful!  With our warmer temps and bright sunshine, it really gives the sense that spring is coming soon!  Although it will still be quite some time yet before things begin to grow again, we’re definitely thawing out here!  😀

I was out enjoying the beautiful weather with my sister the other day and snapped a few photos during our adventures along Lake Como and the surrounding area.


This was my favorite one…


Although it’s not the best composition, I just think that bright blue sky with the white snow melting, and the beautiful bark of that birch tree with the green pine in the background is simply gorgeous.   It truly was just such a lovely day. ❤


Such a nice day in fact, that I couldn’t believe it when I saw there was an ice fishing house still out on the lake, along with some guy out there pulling his sled around on that clearly evident melting ice…


Crazy guy!

And this is no small lake, look at how far out there he was…


You can’t even see him!  I suppose he may have figured that since the ice was still supporting an ice house, it would be safe enough for him to be out there, but you wouldn’t catch me out there!  Hopefully he made out alright, we didn’t stick around long enough to find out.


As we continued on in our adventures, we came across this bridge…


I don’t usually take photos of structures, but I thought it was kinda pretty, so I took a photo of it.  I also took it because this bridge had an eerie feel to it and my sister, my daughter, and I have a private joke about seeing things as we’re out and about together and saying “I bet that’s haunted,” so I snapped a photo of it to show to my daughter because she wasn’t with us.  Then I tried to edit it to make it look more haunted, but I don’t really know what I’m doing, so think I failed…


But it was fun experimenting.  I don’t usually do much editing to my photos, I like leaving them in their natural state, it feels more authentic to me.  But sometimes I see the things other people do with editing and it looks kinda cool, so I may need to get myself more acquainted with photo editing at some point and see what I can come up with myself.

Not that I’ll have the time to do so right now as spring is rolling around – I heard we may hit near 70 degrees on Thursday!  So yeah… pretty sure I’ll be outside and not dinging around with trying to edit photos.  😉

Anyway, that’s all for now.  Hope the weather is nice where you are, and that you have fun things to ding around with.  I plan to ding around with getting my patio furniture and my bicycle out of storage.  Farewell winter!



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


35 responses to “Farewell Winter

  1. Wonderful photo story Julie. I’m glad to see and hear that spring is indeed finding its way to you too! I love the colors and composition of the blue sky, white snow and tan grasses. Makes me yearn for a good camera!
    farewell winter and hello spring dreams! XD

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  2. Perhaps there is a troll living under the bridge!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  3. Oh wow, this post sure brought back some memories Julie. My wife and I walked around Como Lake several times a week when we lived in Saint Paul. It is so beautiful there, especially with structures like that bridge and those houses (we have nothing like that here in Oklahoma). Thanks for the nice trip down memory lane!

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    • Lake Como is a lovely lake, I can see why you two went there so often when you lived near there. I usually like to go to Lake of the Isles (now that’s where there are some amazing houses!), but I thought it might be too crowded. Ended up that Como was more busy than I thought it would be. Us Minnesotans… first sign of nice weather and we’re at the lake! 😉


  4. Yikes, you wouldn’t catch me out there either! I hope he didn’t fall through! And yes, that birch tree is lovely. 🙂

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  5. Good news and lovely pics. The first is my favourite

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  6. Wonderful photos, so full of that bright light that only seems to appear in spring – I think it’s because the trees are still so bare! I liked both versions of your bridge… 🙂

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  7. Crooked Tracks

    Lovely photos! I think winter is over 🙂

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  8. Winter is passing, hurrah! Lovely photos – what a gorgeous day it was – and yes, the bridge is definitely haunted – lol!

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    • I know, yay! 🙂 Thanks Eliza, it really was a gorgeous day! Today was even nicer weather, and even though I spent most of it cleaning out the garage, it was bliss afterward to sit out on my patio after all these long months. ❤
      Haha that bridge was totally haunted! 😉

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  9. Beautiful, Julie. I agree with you about that man. He needs his head examined. We are getting warmer here too. YAY!!! Love, Amy

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    • Thanks Amy! I know right, that guy was crazy to be out there on that melting ice! I’m glad to hear it’s getting warmer for you there too, it’s so wonderful isn’t it?! I can’t wait to see the green and growing things again! But in the meantime, I’m really loving all of the frozen Niagara Falls photos that you’ve been posting lately. 🙂

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      • Aw, thank you, Julie!!! Many hours of LOVE went into editing those images, and I am finally finished with this huge project. I really don’t wish to see waterfalls for a while. Yeah, right, so I say now, but when I see something gorgeous, you know I will be there with bells on. Even waterfalls. LOL Have a great day! Love, Amy

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  10. Stunning photographs, Jewels. Frame the first one with the lake and birch tree. Fabulous!

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  11. How Beautiful, I would love to be there!

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  12. Your photos are always good ones, but that one with the tree is soooo lovely! I’m sure it was even prettier in person!

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  13. Lovely photos … Bring Spring on!!! I’m with you Julie 🙂

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  14. I’m glad you’re getting some nice weather and were able to get out and enjoy it. The snow and yellow grasses contrast so nicely with the blue sky in all your photos. I sure hope no one had to go out and rescue the fool on the melting lake though! I like what you’ve done with the bridge. The filter you used does make it look quite eerie.


    • Thanks Trisha, this nice weather really feels refreshing after the long winter – I’ve barely been indoors the past several days, except to eat and sleep! 😉
      I know, that guy on the melting ice… what a dummy!
      Was that called a “filter” that I used on that bridge photo? So that’s what a filter is! Shows how much I know hah!
      It’s really good to see you my friend, I’ve sure been thinking about you lots! ❤


      • I think it’s called a filter…or, maybe it’s an effect? I’m not sure. All this photo editing stuff is new to me too. I’m glad you’re finally getting some warmer weather to enjoy!

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  15. These photos remind me of my favorite cartoons on TV when I was a kid. I would be in awe watching it because of the place/location. It looks so peaceful I want to run here and hide from the noisy world. 😀

    Beautiful shots.

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  16. How lovely! There’s nothing as joyful as the thaw of spring.

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