If I Had a Hammer

 This past weekend, a good of mine invited me to go with her to William O’Brien State Park to attend one of the park’s naturalist programs about bluebirds, which included staying afterwards to build a bluebird house.  For a small fee, they provided all of the materials and instructions, and all we needed to do was bring our own hammer.

♫   If I had a hammer…  ♫ 

I have a hammer!  I even brought two hammers, in fact, because my friend couldn’t find hers.  They were the little weak girlie type of hammers, due to my weak girlie hands.  (Some of you may recall me mentioning my weak girlie hands before in a few of my home improvement posts.)  One of the instructors even made fun of commented on how small my hammer was when he came over to assist me during one part of the process.  But I was like “Hey, I’m a girl, I have girlie hands, I’d never be able to wield a regular manly type of hammer, so don’t knock it, this works for me.”  He seemed surprised when he saw how well I worked with my tiny hammer saying something like “Yeah, you’re actually  doing really well with that little hammer of yours.”

And my birdhouse turned out quite impressive looking, if I do say so myself.  My friend snapped this picture of me with it once it was finished…


It looks pretty darn good doesn’t it?  Real professional-like.  So what if all the wood pieces were already pre-cut, and all I had to do was assemble it and nail it together with my tiny hammer.  😉

 Surprisingly, it was still a bit of a challenge to assemble, and I’m very good at puzzles.  I had to pound back out a few of my nails when I realized I’d put one of the pieces on backwards, oops!  And my friend had a few issues putting hers together as well, not leaving a big enough gap at the top of the door for ventilation.  She got a bit pissed off at one of the instructors because he’s the one who steered her wrong in attaching her door.  She’s afraid now that her baby bluebirds will suffocate, but I think they’ll be just fine, and her birdhouse looks great.

It was a fun experience building a bluebird house, now I just need to stain or paint it, and put it up somewhere.  I’m not so sure about putting it up in my yard here in the inner city though, because there’s not many wide open spaces around here.  I might give it to my sister to put up out on her property, but I’m so proud of the dang thing and would so love to have bluebirds nesting, I don’t know if I can part with it.  I’ll have to wait and see.

It was a lovely day of weather, so after we finished with our birdhouses we went and explored a little bit around the park.  William O’Brien State Park is a great place to visit, I posted about it once before in “Weekend Wanderings” when my sister and I went and explored there on a whim last autumn.   It’s situated along the banks of the St. Croix River.  And you can see here, there’s still ice on that river, but it’s definitely thawing…


 I really enjoyed spending time along the river, listening to the sound of the ice crackling, it was so peaceful.  Well, it was peaceful until I noticed the billions of horrifying black spiders scurrying around under my feet.  I’m absolutely terrified of spiders, so that really gave me the creeps, and I got the hell out of there real quick after that.  My friend was laughing at me because I’m such a contradiction – I love the outdoors so much, nature truly feeds my soul, but I’m also seriously afraid of bugs, especially spiders.  I know, I know… spiders are very beneficial to the environment blah, blah, blah, but if I had a hammer… I’d hammer out all the spiders.

But I wouldn’t really do that.

My hammer is way too small.  😉


My friend and I both enjoy photography, and had our cameras along.  While I was focusing on plant life…


She was focusing on birds.  I believe she was pursuing a red bellied woodpecker somewhere off in the trees with her lens, but was unable to get a decent shot.  However, seeing as this post is about having a hammer bluebirds, take a look at this beautiful capture she snapped of a bluebird last summer…


She really has a knack for photographing birds.  If you click on the picture above, it will bring you to her lovely photostream on Flickr where she shares some of her beautiful nature photos.  🙂


I’m so glad my friend invited me to go and do this, it was fun, and we had a very nice time together.  This state park offers many various naturalist programs and since it’s so near by, I plan to attend more of them in the future.  One in particular that caught my eye is their Perseid Meteor Shower Party in August.  I love me some shooting stars!  Star gazing… sigh…  ❤

And did you know there is a hammer constellation in the stars?  In Germanic Astronomy it’s Mjollnir – Thor’s short-handled hammer.  Guess he used a smaller hammer as well.  😉



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

31 responses to “If I Had a Hammer

  1. Beautiful images…

    The signs of spring is so evident here… 🙂

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  2. Fun record, and lovely photos

    Liked by 1 person

  3. If I had a hammer, I’d bang the table in appreciation of your fun post. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your joy. I love that you made your own birdhouse. Good luck with attracting those wonderful bluebirds.
    Happy Hammering! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha thanks so much Brad, I’m so glad you enjoyed this! 🙂 It was fun building my own birdhouse, I really like working with my hands ~ even if they’re weak girlie hands. 😉 I haven’t decided yet if I’m putting it up here at home, but I heard that bluebirds do in fact live here in the city, so I may at least give it a try before bringing it out to my sister’s place. Do you get bluebirds down south where you are?

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  4. Your birdhouse came out beautifully! I enjoyed the picture of the little bluebird too. I’ve never seen them here.

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  5. Good to see the thaw is proceeding where you are. I fully expect to see greenery a couple weeks earlier than last year!

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  6. You did a great job with your girly hammer. 🙂 I love your sense of humour and the pics. That is a lovely bluebird.

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  7. Julie, I don’t care how large or small your hammer is, that is one super neat bird house 🙂 Thanks for sharing that cool story, and the cool pics too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Simon, it really was a fun experience! 🙂
      And I know I already said happy birthday, but I’m telling you again… Happy birthday, and don’t drink too much Mt. Dew with your birthday cake! 😉


  8. Sounds like a magical .. and practical day Julie 🙂
    Congrats on building your bluebird house with your girlie hammer!

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  9. Awesome!
    My MIL used to have GOBS of bluebirds before they built the houses behind hers. When it was all field there were so many. Now she sees one here or there.
    I also have a girly hammer, and I like it just fine, because like you, I have weak girly hands. The Mister will sometimes ask me to bring him a hammer, and he always adds, “Not that baby thing, either!” Haha! His & Her Hammers 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha @ “Not that baby thing, either!” That’s too funny! 😀
      I do have a regular hammer, but it’s just so dang heavy and cumbersome, it’s so much easier and much more efficient using the girlie one…

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  10. Loved your story and pictures Jewels, all wonderfully delightful, thanks so much for sharing!

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  11. Julie–this was so funny! Darn, you did good for, you know, girlie hands! 😀

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  12. Hooray for the carpenter, girly hammer and all, because that is one good looking birdhouse. Impressive. And, I love the photo of the bluebird. 🙂

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