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Winter’s Last Hurrah

I awoke to a world of snow yesterday morning, and even for as much as I am longing for spring, I couldn’t help but find the fresh snow incredibly beautiful.  So much so that I spent a good portion of the day outside enjoying it.  I had a lovely time, and I didn’t even get cold.  But I did stop at my favorite coffee house along the way to pick up a wonderfully warming chai tea latte, and that really hit the spot.

I know that everyone is filled with spring fever, myself included – gosh, I’m so excited at the thought of getting back out in my garden, and being amongst the green and growing things, I can hardly wait.  But as I am always aiming for being content, I also do what I can to try to live in and enjoy the present moment, no matter the circumstance.

Besides… we can’t control the weather, especially here in Minnesota, so it’s best to accept whatever we’re given and embrace the beauty.  And the beauty of the fresh, white snow beats the drab, dreary brown any day.  Plus, the moisture will help bring back the green and growing things.

I had my camera along with me while I was out there enjoying the beauty, so I took a few photos that I’d like to share.  Feel free to look away if you’re sick of winter and not in the mood, they’re not any big deal anyway, just some things I came upon that I thought were pretty.  I went to a few of my favorite spots, so if you’ve been here with me for a while, you may recognize some of them.

Spring, summer, fall or winter, nature is so beautiful to me, and being out in it feeds my soul…


Even in the dim lighting of this photo, how pretty is the contrast of these little red fruits against the white snow?  I had a bright red cardinal land on a branch on the tree outside my bedroom window yesterday morning and the contrasting color of him against the snow was a delight to my eyes.


The white snow also makes the green of the pine needles look fresher


It was definitely a very gray day out there, but I thought it was well suited with the white snow.


And two of my favorite trees looked lovely dressed in white…



These two bridges looked pretty too…



And these geese didn’t seem to mind the snow…


Although, they did mind me, and walked off quite hurriedly, honking at me, as I was trying to get closer to take their picture…


I tried to tell them “I’m not gonna hurt you, I just want to take your picture, you silly gooses,” but they didn’t listen.

Even though I didn’t come across any people, you can see by all the footprints on this path, that many others besides myself had been out there walking around in the snow…


I was happy to see that a little snow wasn’t stopping other people from getting outside and enjoying nature.  Those are my kind of people.  😉

And the snow isn’t stopping these cute, fuzzy little buds from emerging…


See… spring is coming, this is just winter’s last hurrah.

Thanks so much for joining me, and I hope you find beauty wherever you are today…




✿~Peace & Love~✿

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