Daily Archives: March 31, 2015

This Little Life of Mine


“This little life of mine

                              I’m gonna let it shine…”



The lilacs have buds!   Gosh, I can’t even tell you what a joy it was to see them when I went out to the garden yesterday to putter around for a bit, so wonderful to see green life again.  After the long winter, the color green definitely shines.  In my eyes, anyway.   🙂

I found a few other green little ‘lifes’ shining out in the garden too.

In the flower bed, I found tulips coming up…


Yes, I know… it looks like some major clean-up is in order, but the snow only melted just the other day. And besides, all those leaves and other debris are good for insulation – we could still get more snow before winter is completely through with us.

And my bee balm has new growth sprouting up too…


So aromatic, even as tiny as they were.  I smelled of them when I went back indoors.  It was delicious!

And in my veggie garden, I found my chives springing back to life…


It won’t be too much longer before I’ll be out there planting other things to eat, I can’t wait!


What a delight it is to find some of the green and growing things coming back to life outside here after the long winter.  It truly refreshes my soul.  Especially in the midst of some of the emotional turmoil I’ve been experiencing lately.  And it’s a good reminder for me to let this little life of mine shine as well, in spite of my circumstances.  Because just maybe, it too may somehow refresh a soul.

Hope you’re letting your life shine today too…