Come Away


Come away with me my love, on this warm spring eve

let us go out into the garden.

And laughing, let us lie down together on the soft grass

intoxicated by the lush scents of a thousand spring flowers in full bloom.

And intoxicated with each other

let us make love beneath the flowery boughs of the apple blossom

illuminated by the soft glow of May’s Full Flower Moon


© Julie Rehnelt 2015





✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

24 responses to “Come Away

  1. Lovely thought Julie

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  2. Beautiful imagery Jewels, I can almost small the scent!

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    • Thank you! I almost didn’t post a photo with this, just so the reader could imagine the scene for themselves. But with all of the flowery wonderfulness and heavenly scents going on here right now, I couldn’t resist sharing a photo. I wish it was a photo of the moon, the moon was glorious here last night. 🙂

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  3. Gentle, evocative…just love-ly!

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  4. Wonderful flow, gorgeous image

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  5. Such a beautiful love poem, Julie! I got married in an apple orchard in May (just like the old-fashioned song ‘Apple Blossom Time’ What is more lovely and more romantic than a fragrant apple blossom? And the blossoms are natural confetti!

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    • Thanks so much Eliza! Getting married in an apple orchard in May sounds so lovely! I’ve always thought that if I ever get married again I’d like to get married in the autumn, but there’s something special and romantic about the springtime… ❤
      I love apple blossom confetti!

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  6. lovely poem and invitation Julie! 🙂

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  7. Breathtakingly beautiful. Totally loving the sensual vibe! Ahh! Pure perfection.

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  8. Apple blossom, eh? Good thing it’s not a Windows or Linux blossom. The poem would probably end with “illuminated by the soft glow of SYSTEM ERROR PLEASE RESTART”

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  9. So very beautiful!

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