In the quietness of the early morning

before all the other humans arise and start making noise

I listen


To the sounds of nature


I hear the wind as it whispers through the leaves on the trees

I hear birds singing somewhere off in the distance, merrily proclaiming the dawning of this new day.

I watch as the emerging sunlight plays along with the wind

in making the leaves of the trees dance

their bright reflections of green, sparkling joyfully

With no audience to observe their lovely spectacle, aside from me

and the birds.

It’s mesmerizing.

As their shadows flicker upon the walls of my room, my cat joins in

amusing in her observation

my sweet kitty.





Breathing it all in

I listen


To what is not heard by human ears


A different frequency, one of the Spirit

an awareness of something deeper

a profound connection

with all living things

with my Creator.


The whole earth is filled with His glory

And rejoicing, I worship


I want to stay in this moment

to linger in this wonderful sense of awareness

But time marches on as time tends to do, and the humans begin to arise

I hear stirring in the next room, increasing traffic driving by outside, the jingling of dog tags as someone passes below my window while out for a morning stroll with their dog

All of them completely unaware of the elation I’m experiencing in this sacred moment so near to their proximity.

Pondering that breaks my concentration


I want to share this wonderment with them

help those ‘noisy’ fellow humans realize

to be aware

and enter in

Such love


Not sure of exactly how to go about that

I sip my coffee

and listen some more…


© Julie Rehnelt 2015





✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


32 responses to “Listen

  1. Most evocative. Well done Julie.

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  2. Such a beautiful soul you are. Lovely writing 🙂

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  3. Oh, I loooove this so so much!!! ❤ It is so beautiful!! 🙂 ❤

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  4. Beautiful musings on the delicious discoveries when we slow down and connect with the deeper rhythms of life. This is a wonderful and soulful post. Thank you Julie. May we listen and live from that souful place.

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  5. Peaceful thoughts. I love this, Julie.

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  6. Amen I say to all of your words and more…that mysticism, that beauty of Creation is always around us there to be seen…but we have to stop and listen. I loved the way you gave the impression of busy-ness with lots of words and lines all coming together…and then it became simple again…emptier. Nature in all it’s dawn beauty…stunning. Thank you Julie I really love this x

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    • Thank you so much Krys, I’m really glad you liked this. Dawn is my favorite time of day, and when I feel most in tune. I live in the midst of a busy (and noisy) city, so it’s in those earlier morning hours, especially on the weekends before the other humans awake, that I’m able to enjoy the quietness and hear the sounds of nature. Indeed, “that beauty of Creation is always around us there to be seen” and heard, even in the noisy city, if we “stop and listen.” And if we wake up early enough. 😉
      Have a lovely week Krys! x

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  7. The magic of listening. Thank you Julie. Sharon x

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  8. Your morning quiet times sound so wonderful, magical and peaceful. I sure wish I could get in the habit of taking quiet times for myself.

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  9. Ahhhh – so lovely!

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  10. So beautiful, your aligning with nature and the Oneness of all. I, too, love those quiet predawn meditations! Your words describe it perfectly. 🙂

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  11. Beautiful work. I love the quietness of the early morning – just listening to the nature – breathing all in!

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  12. Best time of day!!! Thx for sharing!!!

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  13. Oh, what a beautiful moment ! Love it ! 🙂

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