Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid


The vibrant color of my peonies is definitely what I would consider to be vivid…


In fact, because of their intense color, I always find it difficult to capture a true representation of them with the camera, lighting is always a problem, and this shot turned out looking a bit sharp – the petals are actually much softer looking in appearance.  I snapped it using my Mom’s camera because the photos I took of the lilacs earlier this spring had turned out so lovely with it.  In reality these flowers have a deeper berry hue to them.


May your day be filled with beautiful, vibrant, vivid color!  And with…



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


WPC: Vivid


P.S… See Val, “the perfect flower to match!”  🙂

27 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

  1. Yep, this would definitely fit the bill. 🙂

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  2. Beautiful. I can almost smell them from here.

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  3. Vivid indeed! 🙂 And fun to notice how particular you are about your photo quality. I have similar voices in my head! 🙂 Thanks Julie.

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    • Haha yeah, all those darn voices! 😉 When I’m posting something for a ‘photo challenge’ I’m a little more aware of the quality, otherwise, I just point and shoot and hope that the beauty I’m seeing (and feeling) translate through the photo – even if it isn’t the best ‘quality.’ Hope your week is off to a good start, my friend! 🙂

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      • You described taking photos the same way I’ve always approached it; to translate and share the beauty I’m seeing and feeling. 🙂 And I’m learning to let those voices retire. XD.
        to great weeks finding and sharing beauty.

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  4. Wonderfully vibrant!

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  5. Well done. These images are always difficult, especially in strong sunlight.

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  6. It’s a beautiful bloom and the color is so very vivid! And so very hard to capture. I think you and your mom’s camera did a good job. I usually end up deleting all the photos I take of bright reds or pinks. They always look weird!

    Beautiful, vivid color and peace and love back at ya!

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    • The color of this peony bush is just stunning Trisha, and thanks! I know what you mean, I have trouble with bright reds and pinks too, there must be some trick to capturing them.


  7. OH, Julie! This is WOWOWOW gorgeous!!! Great shot! Love, Amy ❤

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  8. Oh so lovely!

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  9. Wow, gorgeous, Julie! I adore peonies, mine just started and it promises to be a good year – woo-hoo! ❤

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  10. Perfect Julie 🙂
    Purple hues are alway tricky to capture with the non human eye. Something to do with the spectrum and prisms … yada yada yada!

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  11. I now just actually read what you wrote and I too have difficulty with the deeper colors on my Peonies to get the actual color. My deep wine colored ones and my deep pink ones are way not easy to photograph. I also have a rose that is velvety and deep red … my goal being this year I get the texture and the exact shade of red captured. I tried last year and failed. BEAUTIFUL PEONY, Julie!!!! I have many more pics which I will be showing throughout the year!!! Love, Amy ❤

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