Day Lily


Much too brief is your charm, elegance, and grace

for it is for only one single day that your beauty lives in this place.

© Julie Rehnelt 2015




I bought a new variety of daylily for the flower bed this year and gosh is it ever lovely!  We already have way too much pink going on in the flower bed, but I just couldn’t resist these… I see the orange variety of daylilies everywhere, but I’ve never come across pink ones before and I just had to have them.

I find it so sad that a beauty such as this only gets to bloom for one single day, but I guess it’s a good reminder for me to continue to try and enjoy each day – and its beauty, while it lasts.


I hope your day is filled with beauty, and with…



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1



I know I’ve been a bit quiet here lately, I have some major things going on in my little world right now that have sapped a lot of my creativity, and I just haven’t been feeling very inspired to write.  I also apologize for not stopping by your blogs as much – I currently have 145 unread messages of your posts in my inbox, so I probably won’t be able to catch up with them all, but I’ll try to stop by soon and show them some love…


22 responses to “Day Lily

  1. ooooh, I adore lilies ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. That is a beautiful variety of day-lily that I hadn’t seen before. Thanks Julie! 🙂

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  3. This is beautiful Julie. Take a lesson from Miss Lily – take it one day at a time and follow the sun. The inspiration will come when you are ready.

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  4. That pink daylily is gorgeous! I’m sorry to hear you have major, creativity-zapping things going on. I hope things settle down for you soon. I’m sending you heartfelt wishes for days full of beauty, peace, love, and happiness.

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  5. Ah, don’t worry about the inbox – go ahead – hit delete – lol! Just know that they are messages of love and that the love exists whether you read them or not. 🙂
    Take care of yourself first and foremost, like enjoying every one of those beautiful daylilies! ❤

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    • It really is something how fast my inbox fills up from all the blogs I follow in just a few days of being away. Thanks for giving me permission to hit delete. 😉 But even more so, for the encouragement Eliza, it sincerely means a lot. And oh yes… I am definitely enjoying every single one of these gorgeous daylilies! ❤

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  6. A beautiful image with a poignant message. Sorry you’re struggling at the moment, dear Julie. Sending blessings of peace from my heart to yours. ♥

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  7. I noticed you’d been having a welcome catch-up. I do hope you are OK

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  8. What gorgeous fleeting beauty!

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  9. I’ve been missing you, but take care of you, Julie. You can never have to much pink in your garden! Lovely lily.

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    • Thanks so much Lois, it feels good to be missed. ❤ I'm sure some inspiration will come to me soon, I can already feel some brewing. And how can I not when so much loveliness is everywhere – my garden is growing so wonderfully and there is a beautiful, but indistinguishable floral scent in the air everywhere I go around town. Hope all is well in your world my friend, give those sweet kitties of yours a pat on the head for me. 🙂

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  10. Sending lots of love across to you Julie, for managing all your difficult things. I’ve been so absent myself, all this year, due to ill health. Hope to be able to enjoy your posts and comment a little now and then. Lots of love and thoughts are coming your way and hopes for some smoother times. xxxxxx

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    • There you are, Ruth, hi! 🙂 ❤ Thank you so much for the loves and thoughts, it's sincerely appreciated. I've been sending some of the same your way too, and hopes that you're alright. I dropped you a note a while back to let you know I was thinking of you, and I'm so sorry to hear how ill you've been. I really hope it has eased up and that you're feeling a bit better now. My continued thoughts, prayers and well wishes my friend, and lots of love! xxxxx


      • That was so lovely, Julie, thank you, I didn’t get it!! I wonder where it went to. But so nice to know you’ve been thinking of me too. Hopefully I’ll be up to blogging a bit soon. Love and thoughts xxxxx

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