To Be A Butterfly


How wonderful it must be to be a butterfly

floating gracefully on the soft, gentle breeze of a warm summer day

on beautiful, magnificent wings that are your own

Alighting on the colorful petals of hundreds of flowers in full bloom

and feasting on sweet, delicious nectar all day.

Ah yes, how wonderful it must be to be a butterfly…


© Julie Rehnelt 2015







✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


41 responses to “To Be A Butterfly

  1. Beautiful photos Julie and yes how nice to be a pretty butterfly! 🙂

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  2. What lovely shots.

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  3. beautiful pictures my friend.

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  4. Beautiful sentiments accompanied by gorgeous images. Peace and Love to you too, Jewels ♥♥♥

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  5. your photos and words are wonderful and beautiful. I thought myself so often how it would be to be a butterfly. By the way the butterfly is a symbol for resurrection and for short lifetime and decay

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    • Thanks so much, Taphian. 🙂 I have heard that butterflies are a symbol of resurrection and rebirth, and I rather like that idea, but I’ve never heard they are a symbol of decay. I think they’re much too lovely to associate them with anything decaying…

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  6. I love your beautiful butterfly photos! And your poem does make it sound wonderful to be a butterfly. I’d like to try it for a day!

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    • Thanks Trisha, I used my mom’s camera again for these. It has a better zoom, but I don’t really like using her camera, so it annoys me a bit that it takes nicer photos than mine in certain situations.
      I’d like to try it for a day too – how great would it be to be able to eat all day and stay so beautiful 😉


  7. such lovely photos to compliment your beautiful words…and how wonderful indeed! ❤

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  8. Gorgeous pictures, Julie

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  9. Stunning images and beautiful words.

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  10. Lovely captures Julie! I had to smile – today I was in a building with a glass wall and a butterfly was trying to get out. My thought was “I’m glad I’m not a butterfly …”
    and then it followed me out the door and found its freedom!

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    • Thanks Val! x Funny that you had the exact opposite thought, but it makes sense seeing as you were observing one trapped indoors without the wits to escape versus me seeing them outside doing what they do best. I’m so glad you helped guide that trapped butterfly back to freedom. There’s a life metaphor hiding in there somewhere…


  11. Beautiful butterflies, beautiful captures Jewels. Your spring is making up for the cold winter you guys had recently…

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  12. Gorgeous!

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  13. Gorgeous photos – luminous! Is that monarch from this year? Sadly, I have not seen a single one. ;-(

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    • Thanks Eliza! Yes, the monarch is from this year, just the other day in fact, in a rain garden across the street from my garden, there were a half dozen of them over there along with the swallowtails fluttering about. Sad that you haven’t seen any there yet. I’ve been seeing more and more of them each year, but this rain garden is filled with an abundance of milkweed, which of course, they need in order to thrive. It smells amazing! Hope you get some monarch visitors there soon…


  14. Such vivid colors of butterflies and flowers! 🙂

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  15. I like how you describe how it would feel to be a butterfly flying, land in on flowers and sipping nectar.
    The beautiful words bring such joy to all. I really appreciated the colorful photos. Julie, whatever camera your mother has, your photographic “eye” is fantastic! 🙂

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  16. Lovely poem and I love the pictures 🙂

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