Daily Archives: October 4, 2015

It’s Tummy Time



On the day we found out that my daughter was having a baby girl, I snapped a photo of her holding the ultrasound photo in front of her bare tummy, but it was with my crappy cell phone so it didn’t turn out very well.  That was fine because it was mostly only for us to see – a way to remember the special moment.  But I got to thinking that I’d really like to try and capture a nicer photo with my regular camera, so I asked my daughter to go out into the garden and pose for me where I snapped the above photo.  My sweet girls  ❤

I hope you’ll indulge me because I plan to take more photos of her tummy as it grows – I’m completely fascinated by it!  Being the month of October, I have an idea floating around in my mind that involves her tummy and pumpkins, but I don’t know if that idea will materialize or not.  Either way, I know I’ll be taking more photos of her tummy and there may be some I’ll want to share, so I hope you don’t mind.  This first-time Grandma is reveling in the awe of it all!

Thanks for joining me for tummy time, hope you have a wonderful day!




✿~Peace & Love~✿

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