Autumn Winds


The windy weather mirrors my windy emotions

As gale force winds blow outside, a tempest brews within

gusts of sadness sweep through my troubled heart


And like the colorful leaves that cling to tree branches in fall, not yet ready to let go

I can’t let go

no matter how strong the autumn winds may blow


© Julie Rehnelt 2015




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

26 responses to “Autumn Winds

  1. Lovely photo and words Julie. I hope those tempest winds settle and gently relax into love. 🙂

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  2. May the winds sweep away the sadness and bring peace to your troubled heart. Hugs to you, my friend.

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  3. The trees know when it is time to let go. Like them, we need to tune in to our true nature and be open to when we simply know the time has come.

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  4. Whatever is troubling you Julie, I hope it fades away on the autumn breeze and leaves you in peace.

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  5. Lovely photo

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  6. Oh dear, I had imagined all was lightness and elevation due to your daughter’s wonderful news – sorry to hear something has cropped up elsewhere Julie.

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  7. Hugs, Jewels. Hope the storm calms soon. xx

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  8. Hope things turn better for you, Julie. ❤

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  9. Time to break out the Vitamin D – sunshine in a bottle. Hugs to you! ❤

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  10. Peace Will Come (Tom Paxton)

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  11. Beautiful ❤ You even make sadness beautiful.

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  12. Autumn like sadness is meant to be lived to it’s fullest and then left behind when the time is right…Loved your special thoughts and image.

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  13. “And like the colorful leaves that cling to tree branches in fall, not yet ready to let go” such bittersweet melancholy. ❤

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