The Sunshine Tree


Come my love, play with me

lets frolic in the autumn leaves

and let our hearts run wild and free

underneath the sunshine tree


© Julie Rehnelt 2015




I’m telling you… I have never wanted to try and capture a scene more than this one.  This was one of the most beautiful, magical autumn settings I’ve ever seen (with my own eyes, I mean).  The golden sunlight shining on this golden tree took my breath away.   ❤

Most of the photos I snapped were over on the other side of the tree – that’s where the real magic was, but my lens kept picking up the glare of the sun, and I don’t know enough about photography nor have a camera that can do much more than just point and shoot, so I couldn’t quite capture the scene.  But that’s okay… I captured it in my mind and have it filed in my memory banks.  🙂


Plus, I also have this picture my sister took of me with her phone while I was in the moment…


Once again, I thought she was beside me snapping her own photos, but she was doing that ‘from my perspective’ thing again like in Capturing a Waterfall.

She’s the one who spotted the tree as we were driving down the road and slammed on her brakes.  I almost spilled my pumpkin spice latte.  Then she parked on the sidewalk.  I mean literally on it, as there was no parking on that road, nor any shoulder for us to pull over onto.  We were being totally illegal and totally not caring because it would have been totally worth the parking ticket.  And the spilled latte.  Which tasted all that much better after basking in the golden light of the sunshine tree.




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


48 responses to “The Sunshine Tree

  1. On this occasion, I’m glad you were a law-breaker 😉

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  2. Annette Rochelle Aben

    Awesome sauce! I totally understand about the not-so-legal pull overs. Perhaps we should request diplomatic immunity. You know,have some sort of law passed by where we are rewarded for having the remarkable good taste to capture that Kodak moment! Heck, snag an extra latte with which to bribe the constable!

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  3. Beautiful golden moment! Well worth stopping for 🙂

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  4. A wonderful bit of beautiful to share on a Monday morning, a great beginning to the new week.

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  5. Both photos are beautiful. Seeing the whole tree lit up like that must have really been a sight to behold!

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  6. Beautiful words to go with a beautiful photo!! Julie, this is like a fairytale!! And kudos to your sister for capturing you in the moment. Oh and parking on the sidewalk lol

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  7. Those wonderful moments where the beauty of autumn and nature take our breath away! Thanks Julie. 🙂

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  8. Ok those images are absolutely gorgeous ! 🙂 Beautiful autumn 🙂

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  9. Nature’s own design is unbeatable in its beauty, and that is a great capture! Wonderful shot!

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  10. Gorgeous autumn colours!

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  11. That really is a ‘sunshine tree’ isn’t it? Just magnificent, and so perfectly captured too.

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  12. Beautiful golden splendor Jewels! Yes, I would have done the same, as I do, and often get in trouble from my wife for doing it, but hey, you only get to catch the moment once in many cases, and if you miss it you wish you had stopped later down the track, but it would look different then, and the glory of the moment would have been lost.

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    • Thanks so much! Yes, we must always catch those magical moments while they’re happening. I’m so glad my sister spotted that tree, and so grateful for her willingness to indulge me so I could try and take pictures of it. She seems to genuinely enjoy watching me enjoy myself. 🙂 She’s such a wonderful big sister ❤

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  13. Simply stunning! So glad you did stop for the magic as well as to capture the moment to share with us. Many thanks! 🙂

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  14. Stunning shots, Jewels.

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  15. As good for the soul as sunshine! Thx for brightening my day!!!

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  16. Oh, Julie! Totally worth the parking ticket and spilled latte–this is beautiful! I don’t know that I have ever seen such a sparkling gold like this before. Stunning.

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  17. That’s the stuff! Just absolutely gorgeous!

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  18. so lovely Julie, thank you for sharing wonderful fall 🙂

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  19. I can see why you guys slammed the brakes! Those are really some spectacular beautiful fall colours! Enjoy them before they are gone:)
    xo xo Inger

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  20. I can only say: Yes. heh This tree is alive and so are the words in the poem.

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