November Passion


As the nights get longer and the leaves turn to brown

passion still blooms in the garden

and in my heart

whenever you’re around


© Julie Rehnelt 2015



Look what I found blooming brightly in the garden this morning, a passion flower!  Such a delightful surprise!  Especially considering it’s November 1st, when all of nature is winding down, preparing to go to sleep for the long winter.

Passion never sleeps…



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


36 responses to “November Passion

  1. That really is a surprise! Wow!
    Great verse, Jewels, perfect for passion flowers in fall.

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  2. Love this Julie! Especially “passion never sleeps” 😊

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  3. This is stunning – what a gift to wake up to!

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  4. What a beautiful surprise!

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  5. Very lovely

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  6. Wonderful words and photo Julie. 🙂 May nature continue to share her beauty and passion live in our hearts.

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  7. Such a gorgeous passion flower. We are truly seeing the last efforts of summer and autumn to hold on, to not pass into winter.

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    • I love how unique they are. We still have some autumn color here, but there’s an extra chill in the air that feels like winter is indeed just around the corner, so it was such a surprise to see my passion flower blooming!


  8. Fantastic! Just when everything is turning autumnal.

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  9. Superb! It’s beautiful to be different sometimes! 🙂

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  10. What a lovely, amazing surprise! Even with the mild October we had here, I wouldn’t expect to find something so bright and summery in the garden.

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    • I know right?! It really was! There’s been a few hints of winter in the air here (we even had some rain mixed with snow the other day), so I was really shocked to find my passion flower blooming this morning – just when I thought it was time to put the garden to bed for the winter…


  11. Passion never sleeps… I love that!

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  13. Ooooh, soooo gorgeous! 💖🌺💖🌺💖🌺💖

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  14. Gorgeous flower and photo! 🙂 ❤

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  15. A bright jewel of a flower!

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  16. Jewels, that’s certainly something to sing about.

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  17. Love this entire piece. Beautiful.

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