Colorless Days


Sometimes when our world is painted in greys

when all the vibrant colors are muted and drained

we discover that if we look just a little closer

venture just a bit deeper

there is still beauty to be found

  Precious treasures hidden within the dimensions

even on our colorless days


© Julie Rehnelt 2016





✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

23 responses to “Colorless Days

  1. Another great photo and reminder to look deeper for beauty. Thanks Ms. Frost Queen! 🙂

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  2. I see the colorless day…. I guess I’m going to have to bundle up and get out there to look for the precious treasure! Wishing you a wonderful day full of hidden treasures. 🙂

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  3. Totally agree, Jewels. Lovely post.

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  4. Beautiful! Your cold weather has finally reached us out east. Brrr!

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  5. I never like my own images of frozen windows but I always love yours. Love this one.

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  6. There are wonderful adventures and great beauty to be seen right outside your front door.

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  7. As much as I dislike cold, I often think there is more beauty found in a snowflake than an entire garden of flowers. Beautiful, Julie 😃

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    • Right? Who likes the cold? Although… cuddling because of it is always nice. 😉 I know what you mean… there is something special and exquisitely beautiful about frost and snowflakes. Thanks Dorinda ❤

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  8. Very nice post. You have a way with words. Hugs, Barbara

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  9. How amazing Jewels that something so simple and shapeless as water can become so beautiful when subjected to such harsh conditions. Sometimes one’s true beauty is only seen when one is under great duress and facing hardship. As you know, when one has been through much pain and hurt, they are ones who know how to shine and appreciate and empathize:-)

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  10. … and remember that when the sun comes out again, there are rainbows.

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  11. What a gorgeous image, Julie! I just love how you captured this and framed it. I totally enjoyed! ❤

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