Sensuous Springtime


Ah sensuous springtime

when all the earth comes alive

sights, sounds and scents allure


Plump pink buds eager to open

unfurl their soft, tender petals

exposing bright blossoms

releasing a sweet, luscious fragrance

arousing my senses

awakening desire


Ah sensuous springtime

when all the earth comes alive


and me along with it…


© Julie Rehnelt 2016






 There’s just something about apple blossoms…




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

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28 responses to “Sensuous Springtime

  1. Beautiful, Julie! Makes me feel like I want to unfurl with them!!

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  2. Beautiful photos and words Julie. They evoke the joy of spring and coming alive. Thanks for my second spring!

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    • Thanks so much, Brad! Spring is still just beginning here, so there’s sure to be more spring-like posts to follow. Happy second spring my friend, and I hope you have a wonderful week! 🙂


  3. So very pretty! Hope you are doing well, my friend.

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    • Thanks so much, Lois! I was just thinking of you and hoping the same. ❤
      I can't say I'm unwell, but I've sure had a lot going on lately that has been affecting me emotionally and is part of the reason I've been so quiet here – it's hard get the creative juices flowing when you're feeling drained. But nature is a beautiful muse and never fails to help get the inspiration going again. 🙂
      Hope to be stopping by your blog soon to catch up and see what's been going on in your world lately. Hope your week is off to a good start! ❤

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  4. Stunning and exquisite and so very beautiful both photos and words. You are quite ahead of us over where you are…just had snow, hail and sleet here and winds from the arctic! freezing…your poem cheered me up. Our buds are still tightly closed…for protection! Thank you for this! 💐

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    • Thanks so much, Krys, I’m glad this cheered you up from the freezing weather you’ve been having over there. Keep warm my friend, and hang in there – spring is bound to show up there at some point. 🙂

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  5. Great combination of verse and photos

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  6. I agree – there’s just something extra lovely about apple blossoms!

    I am glad to hear the spring is making you come alive along with the earth!

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    • There really is. I don’t know why but there’s just something fresh and romantic about them. ❤
      Thanks Trisha, it's hard not to come alive when new life is sprouting forth everywhere, the new spring green is so refreshing! 🙂
      Hope all is well in your world, I plan to stop by your blog soon and catch up on what's been going on with you lately…


  7. Lovely pops of pink!

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  8. Ah, indeed. I love your words as much as I love the spring!

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  9. Lovely 🙂

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  10. I adore apple blossoms both for their beauty and fragrance. Your photos make me wish I could smell them!

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  11. I love the photos Julie … and your bursting forth into Spring 🌸

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  12. Beautiful Jewels! So lovely to read your poetry again. I know how much you love fall and spring.Your heart expresses this beautiful passion of delight and appreciation, bringing a zest to life which you share with us of kindred heart and spirit:-)

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    • Thank you so much! Yes indeed fall and spring are my favorites, whish is funny seeing as they are the complete opposite of each other. Guess I’m just a bit of a contradiction. 😉 But I can’t help it – I love when all of nature awakes in springtime and then when it all prepares to go to sleep in a blaze of glory in autumn. Thank you for your kind words about my poetry, I sincerely appreciate them and I’m so glad you enjoy it! 🙂

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