The Blue Screen of Death vs the Garden


“Critical_process_died.”  Yep, that pretty much sums it up.  I’ve been in technology hell here the past few days trying to conquer this blue screen of death.  My laptop keeps crashing and I’m at my wits end.  I’ve tried everything to avail, and have even gone as far as trying to reset my PC, but that too failed.  Luckily, I was able to go into safe mode and backup most of my files onto my external hard drive, so I am thankful for that, but I’m so frustrated with technology right now.

I’m posting this from my phone which is a new experience for me, so I have no idea what I’m doing, but hopefully you’ll be able to make heads or tails of it when I’m done.  No promises though, I’m barely able to see what I’m doing on this small screen.  I’ve had just about enough of looking at screens lately…

Meanwhile in the garden…

The flower bed, although not much is ‘flowering’ at the moment, is lush and green.  So refreshing and life giving…


I snapped this earlier when the irises were blooming in that flower bed…


And this of the lily of the valley…


And this of the lilacs…


The lilacs were absolutely delicious this spring, sorry I didn’t have the chance to share them with you while in the moment.

The peonies on the other side of the house are blooming right now though and they’re just gorgeous. I cut a few and put them in a vase on the table out on patio so I can enjoy them while I’m sitting out here.  I would love to bring them inside, if it wasn’t for the ants…


My veggies this year are coming along nicely so far. Except for my zucchini which took a beating from some strong winds we had recently, I really hope I’m able to salvage them, zucchini is one of my favorites.

My tiny forest of lettuce is almost ready to start harvest…


And my peas are starting to flower…


I planted peas in five different locations this year.  Some of them are kinda silly places, but I wanted more.  😊

Also flowering are my bell peppers…


And something new I’m growing this year, ground cherries…


I’ve never grown these before, I’d never even heard of them before I bought some last year at my local farmers market. They are quite tasty though and apparently good for using in various jams.  The fruit develops in what look like tiny Chinese lanterns.  They’re cute and yummy!

Also cute and yummy – or as I said to my sister the other day “tiny, but tasty” are my strawberries…


I was so pleased to be able to winter these over in my strawberry pot and see them survive.  I hope to one day build a garden bed made especially for them.  Sweet little things. 🍓

There are many more tasty things developing in my veggie garden, as well as beautiful blooming things growing in and around the yard, but doing this from my phone is proving to be a bit tedious, so I’ll have to wait to share more until after I conquer the blue screen of death that I’m being plagued with on my laptop.

Wish me luck…

I hope all is well and beautiful in your world.  I’ll try to stop by your blogs soon…

✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


46 responses to “The Blue Screen of Death vs the Garden

  1. Technology doesn’t hold a candle to nature.
    Good luck with the computer but fret not!

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  2. Wow Julie. Your garden is thriving! I’d rather play in the garden anyway. 🙂 But I hope your computer starts behaving too! Hugs…

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  3. Your garden is gorgeous!! I love it so much! 💖🌸💖🌸. And your post looks just as it normally does, which is BEAUTIFUL! 😊😊

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  4. Sorry you are having computer problems. 😦 What a beautiful garden you have!

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  5. Lovely photos 🙂 Sorry to hear about your computer. I hope you get what you need off it, then I suggest you try rebooting it. This involves kicking it off a tall building! 😀

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    • Thank you! Hahaha kicking it off a tall building is exactly what I feel like doing, but I’m not sure I can really afford a new one right now, so I need to try to refrain from doing that at the moment. 😉


  6. Computer nightmares -arrghh! Hope it gets fixed soon. At least you can take refuge in your beautiful garden. Those strawberries look so yummy! Can’t wait for the season to start around here. I find if I gently shake my peonies upside down, the ants drop off. I HAVE to bring them inside for my olfactory pleasure. A vase sits next to me as I write… they’re heavenly!

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    • I know right, it’s so aggravating! Thank Eliza, I hope is gets fixed soon too. Taking refuge in the garden is exactly what I’ve been doing – even before the computer issues. The strawberries were yummy, I love strawberry season. ❤ I've tried shaking the peonies upside down, but there's always those few tenacious ants that hang on and end up in the house, so I just enjoy them outdoors. 🙂

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  7. It’s great to see what you’re growing 🙂 You’ve been missed!
    Sorry about your computer issues.

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  8. Lucky you to be able to cool down and refresh yourself in your garden … and with your own strawberries!
    I hope the Digital ills pass soon. So frustrating!!

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    • Lucky indeed Val, I’m truly grateful to have my little garden area, it really is a joy and source of refreshment for me, and so rewarding growing my own food. 🙂 Thanks, I hope the digital ills pass soon too…


  9. Julie–your garden is absolutely beautiful! Lush is the perfect description for it–so restful and gorgeous.

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  10. So sorry you’re at war with the computer–I end up there a lot. Yes, I think that I much rather be in my garden than fighting with the computer too. Your garden is simply beautiful!

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    • Thanks Michele, it’s a frustrating situation for sure. I fancy myself as being somewhat tech savvy, but when things like this happen, it shows me just how little I actually know. I’m thankful I have my little garden to escape to! And for my phone that allows me to still have access to sharing a bit of the beauty of it over the Internet, even while I’m battling with the blue screen of death 🙂


  11. Your flowers, veggies and flower bed are looking beautiful! I haven’t planted a single thing this year. My weeds are doing really well though. 🙂 I hope your zucchinis and your computer survive.

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    • Thanks Trisha! Haha, my weeds in the flower bed are doing really well too, you just can’t see them in the photo. 😉 I think I’m going to have to completely wipe my laptop and I’m not happy about that. I don’t even know if that’s gonna help, I already tried to reset it once. I probably need a new laptop, but I can’t really afford one right now, so I don’t know what I’m gonna do. My zucchini are still limping along, so they may survive. We’re getting a nice thunderstorm this morning and that should help, the garden always seems especially revitalized after a thunderstorm. Hope all is well with you there, and may all your weeds be wildflowers. ❤


      • The thunderstorm sounds wonderful! I love summer thunderstorms. The forecast says we may get some tomorrow afternoon. I hope so, although I’m afraid it might revitalize my weeds even more! They’re getting really out of control. I hope yours helps your poor zucchini to perk up.

        I’m sorry about your laptop. I was crushed when mine died. You would think with all the newer technology, laptops might have come down in price but they’re still so dang expensive. I hope yours can be saved.

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  12. Great shots! Hoping your computer ills get mended! 🙂

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  13. Cynthia Jabbar

    Love the wonderful pictures of your beautiful flowers and veggies in your garden! I can totally sympathize with your computer problems…been there and had that happen to me before. Some things, such as pictures, were recovered but I don’t have any idea about what I may have lost? I still had a floor model computer with windows XP and was having problems for a long time. I thank God for Mehrdad and Jane who gave me a new Dell Laptop with Windows 10 last Christmas. I hope your technical problems will be resolved soon!!!

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    • Thanks Cindy! That was so nice of Mehrdad and Jane to gift you with a new laptop! I know what you mean, my laptop crashed last year, luckily I was able to recover most of my files, and Tyler gave me a new hard drive he had, but who knows what I may have lost and just haven’t realized.


  14. Sorry about the technology meltdown Jewels. Yard looks fantastic. I actually like the lush greens prior to the blooming. It is just SO rejuvenating, refreshing, life-giving, nurturing, and stress relieving all at once. Thank you for sharing these pics. Glad to know you have such a beautiful haven when modern progress brings things to a screeching halt. Be well always

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    • Thanks so much, John. I know what you mean, although I adore the bright, beautiful blooms, I also really, really love just the green in all its varying shades, it’s so soothing… Nature truly soothes the soul, beats modern technology any day! Now if I can just beat this blue screen of death… 😉
      May you be well always too my friend

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  15. Your garden is gorgeous!! Sorry about the PC. Did you install anything new lately?

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  16. Sorry to read about your laptop; but you have done wonders with your phone, and have a lovely garden

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    • It really is an inconvenience and a frustration, but thankfully I recently acquired a smart phone, so I’m not completely cut off from the Internet. There are other computers in the house as well, but they’re not always accessible. Thanks so much Derrick, it’s just a small, humble garden, but it truly is a little haven for me.

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  17. Sounds to me that you found the perfect anti-tech therapy! Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing. Good luck with the laptop!

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  18. Ugh! Sorry to hear about your computer. Mine died of the Blue Plague too. Just when I got used to navigating the system I had to replace it. Still trying to figure out this new laptop, I’ve only had it for seven months, so I figure I should have this down to a science in the next year or two. I love the pictures of your garden! I don’t know how you do it…it’s like you have real, actual magical powers. 😉

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  19. Hi Julie, really sorry to hear about and see that Blue Screen – a most hateful thing!! Really hope you will get sorted soon and it’s not too expensive. Yikes! Just in case you haven’t seen it, I’m changing my list with the counselling website, so you won’t get any more posts from it unless you subscribe again – there’s a free EBOOK too! Just in case you haven’t seen it as you’d wonder where I’ve disappeared to. Lots of love and I love all of your photos, the Iris is my favourite, but I love all the others and seeing some of your garden. Love xxxxx

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    • Hi Ruth, thanks. Honestly, I haven’t done anything more with my laptop since I posted this, it’s just way too frustrating to deal with right now. Still functioning online mostly from my phone, but will go over to your place and be sure to subscribe to your new blog site. 🙂
      Hope all us well with you, many blessings and much love to you. xx ❤


  20. We are growing ground cherries too! I think they would be tasty in salsa! I think they taste like pineapple-y tomatoes! And the flowers are beautiful!

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  21. I can almost smell the flowers through your lovely pics. Thank you for sharing them. Your posts always fill my soul. ❤

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