Morning Storms


Dawn’s light obscured

dark clouds roll in


as lightening flashes

thunder roars


heightening the senses

in awe and anticipation


the wind picks up

heavy drops begin to fall


forcing me to seek shelter

resisting the urge


to dance with the rest of nature

in this morning’s storms


© Julie Rehnelt 2016



The air was so thick and heavy when I went out to my garden this morning, I knew something was about to break in the atmosphere.  It’s been hot, hot, hot, and humid here this past week, and a good thunderstorm is such a sweet release.

Stay dry my friends.  Or wet, whichever you prefer.  😉


To sweet releases…



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

28 responses to “Morning Storms

  1. I’m looking forward to some sweet release from the heat here. Must water the garden and hose myself down later 😉

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  2. Nice! I love thunderstorms.

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  3. I was hoping you’d dance in the rain and then send the storm our way!
    To sweet releases. 🙂

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    • Maybe I’ll dance in it next time. 🙂 I wouldn’t wish ‘storms’ on anyone, but I hope some refreshing rains find you soon – it must be terribly hot down south there too lately. Stay cool, Brad!


  4. Always dance in the storm!! then send it this way, we need the rain! ❤

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  5. Looks like our sky a half hour ago – great, swirling storm clouds! So happy for a bit of rain.

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  6. Oh that would be nice. I look forward to a good downpour here. Great capture of the clouds.

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  7. Great post! 🙂
    Too hot here too! We need to use more green energy!
    We love thunderstorms… but our little dog, Gabbie, shakes at them in fear!

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    • Thanks Tom! 🙂
      Aw, poor little Gabbie. I know how that is – my daughter’s little dog, Teddy, has always been quite frightened of storms too. He can’t hear as well these days, so they don’t bother him as much now.


  8. Good photo with excellent accompanying text

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  9. Yay! Your muse found you. Stunning work, Julie!! I really enjoy thunderstorms.

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  10. Thanks so much, Noora! Me too. There’s nothing like a good thunderstorm to spur on a bit of inspiration, I’m so in awe of nature. ❤


  11. Lovely! I very much enjoyed this. Now if we could only get some of that rain down my way… 😉

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  12. Hi Jewels, such a powerful post but it sends shudders through me as I’m terrified of thunder and lightening and that’s with a capital T!

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    • Thanks, Jean! Thunder and lightening can be frightening when a storm is severe, but mostly it just makes me in awe of the power of nature. I love the sound of thunder rumbling in the distance…

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  13. I love your photo of the ominous clouds! I’m glad you got some relief from the heat. Summer thunderstorms always feel so good!

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