Holiday Lights


Holiday lights

glow warmer 

on a wintry morning

when there’s snow


© Julie Rehnelt 2016



We put up our Christmas lights the other day, and although it looked quite festive when we turned them on that evening, I was feeling a bit disappointed about our lack of snow here.  But when I awoke the next morning, I found to my inner child’s delight that it had snowed during the night!  There’s something extra magical about snow at Christmas time! ❄

And the lights do glow warmer…






✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

24 responses to “Holiday Lights

  1. I agree about the magic of snow and Christmas. Unfortunately, it almost never happens here in Arkansas. Thanks for sharing yours! 🙂
    Holiday hugs…

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  2. So pretty! We haven’t had any accumulation yet. 😦 I wait and I wait… 🙂

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  3. Wintry and magical! Lovely captures Julie 💛

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  4. Beautiful colors! Merry Christmas season, Julie!!

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  5. Simply Beautiful Jewels, looks so welcoming, and so much nicer than our hot humid summer at present. Love the warm winter lights:-)

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    • Thanks so much! I’m in the minority here in my love of the snow – many of my friends and neighbors have been complaining about our weather, but I find it wonderfully cozy during the holidays. 😊
      Stay cool in that hot, humid climate down there my friend!

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  6. Oh, so so incredibly beautiful!! ❄️❤️⭐️❄️❤️⭐️. Your post makes me feel so Christmassy! Thank you! 🎄🎄❤️. I want to come to your house for some cocoa! 😄😄☕️❤️☕️❤️

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  7. Ooh, lovely! First snow puts one in the holiday mood, for sure!

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  8. Magical! Lucky you 🙂

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  9. So pretty! I love Christmas lights when it’s snowy. It’s something we hardly ever see together here: Christmas lights and snow, but, looking at the forecast, we just might this year.

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    • Hi Trisha, thanks! Me too! 🙂 You might get some snow?! That would really be something! Although, from what I’ve heard from when my sister lived in the Seattle area, it can be quite treacherous when it snows there because of all the hills and lack of snow plows and stuff, so stay safe if it does. Hope all is well with you and yours lately my friend, sending good vibes your way… ❤


  10. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you! That was one stunning shot! 🙂

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