Keep the Light


“Deep in their roots

all flowers keep the light”


~ Theodore Roethke

These little lovelies were literally glowing along the riverbank as I rode past them on my bike the other day, it was a beautiful sight with them all illuminated en masse – I wish I could have fully captured the scene to share with you.  Anyone know what they are?  They sort remind me of a type of clover, but not.  Whatever they are, they charmed me with their sweet, luminous color.   🌸


May we too, keep the Light…




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


11 responses to “Keep the Light

  1. Beautiful flowers and words Julie. Light on! XD

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  2. Love the color! I wish I knew what they were 🌸

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  3. They are lovely. Look as gentle as peonies and as fragile as open roses. I wish I knew more wildflowers, but I don’t know these, either. Can’t say I’ve even seen them.
    I know what you mean by the glowing, too. Never found a photo that captured it as I saw it.

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  4. I hate to be the bearer of this …. it is vetch. Introduced along hillsides and highways to keep the earth in place. It’s now highly invasive and not welcomed in many places.
    But it has a pretty flower!

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    • Thank you for solving the mystery of what these are, Val. I’ve never come across vetch before – I’m sad to hear that it has invasive tendencies. Even so, it’s hard to dislike them, they were so lovely growing there along the riverbank. 🌸

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  5. Lovely quote and shot.

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  6. Val beat me to it. Vetch is a member of the pea family and as such, fixes nitrogen in the soil so it is available for other plants. Often used by farmers as a cover crop to enrich the soil. And yes, very pretty!

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  7. May we indeed keep the light.

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