Weekly Photo Challenge – Satisfaction


Growing my own food and harvesting fresh veggies from my garden definitely gives me a great sense of satisfaction

And a deep sense of gratitude as well.





✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

WPC – satisfaction

19 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Satisfaction

  1. looks like a great harvest!

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  2. Kudos Julie. I ain’t got no satisfaction or garden!

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  3. Good zucchini (courgette) harvest both sides of the Atlantic this year!

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  4. Looks like some great tasting zucchini.

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  5. Absolutely! Nothing tastes better than food you’ve grown yourself!

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  6. That looks so good!! Go you! 🥒

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  8. Yum! Zucchini bread? 🙂

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