Day Turns to Night


In awe and wonder 

I stand there amazed 

gazing upward

with tears streaming down my face

 there are no words to describe what I’m feeling 

as I witness this spectacle

moon in all its lunar glory

eclipses the blazing sun

and day turns to night


for 2:40 incredible minutes 


© Julie Rehnelt 2017


Omygosh you guys, the total solar eclipse was THE most extraordinary thing I’ve ever witnessed!  I traveled 723.6 miles and suffered through 100+ degree temps to see it in totality, and it was “totality” worth it!

The above photo was taken with my phone during totality from a several hundred acre open-land area located within the Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois where I traveled to see the eclipse.  I couldn’t capture a shot of the actual eclipse with my phone because all that showed up on it was a bright fuzzy orb – which was NOT what the eclipse looked like at all, so I gave up and just soaked in the brief, but spectacular moment.  It was absolutely breathtaking, such a freaking amazing thing to see, truly!  I could barely take my eyes off of it to snap a few pictures, I was transfixed.  And the atmosphere was so eerie and magical.  It turned dark, like dusk, but not, it’s hard to describe the odd lighting, the photo doesn’t even show it true, and the crickets started chirping.  The temperature dropped significantly, it felt more like 80 than 100, which was such a relief – that heat was almost unbearable, I was literally melting into a sweaty puddle on the ground, but it was sooo worth it.

Just for the sake of providing a bit of contrast – here is a shot of that same field shortly before the eclipse began..

It truly was as if day turned to night.  I can’t stop saying just how amazing it was.  I will never forget it…


May beautiful, incredible, unforgettable experiences come your way too…




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


18 responses to “Day Turns to Night

  1. Beautiful poem, beautiful picture and your words of the event!

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  2. I love your excitement Julie! Your passion shines brightly even if the sun doesn’t. XD I also love the contrasting photos. Thanks for sharing your joyful experience with us.

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  3. That’s spectacular Julie! Memories and feelings imprinted forever 💛

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a gorgeous experience – and photos!

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  5. So beautifully expressed in both verse and prose

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  6. Your photos really show the contrast. An amazing celestial event, so glad you got to witness it.

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  7. Amazing! I’m so happy you got to experience that!

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  8. Wow…I got so excited reading your words…your passion so readily apparent 😁 I was not in a totality zone…and it was cloudy…but I could feel the strange energy.
    Hope you are well and that life keeps you sharing your passion! 💛

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