Wednesday Morning Meditations


I open my eyes to the soft, pale light of winter’s lovely pastel palette

All is quiet

it’s just before dawn

There’s a sense of calm in the air

but also, of anticipation

Something wonderful is about to happen

Yes, a brand new day

filled with promise

I slide out from beneath my warm blankets, clothed only in dawn’s soft glow

Finding my robe, I gaze out the window

at snow covered branches bathed in the gentle hues of morning

In front of that window, is a sleeping kitty curled up in a chair

So sweet and cozy, I resist the urge to wake her with my show of affection

With pen in hand and coffee nearby, I write

and I wait

not actually waiting

My mind is empty, not thinking, just being, just absorbing and savoring all that this present moment offers 

Multiple moments tick by, but I hardly notice the lapse of time

Soon I hear the quiet stirrings of loved ones awakening

Increasing light pours in through my window, although the sun still hasn’t quite yet risen over the horizon 

Pastels gradually give way to an orange glow

sorbet colored clouds hang in a sort of suspended animation, slowed by the cold winter air

Floorboards creek in the next room 

and increasing traffic sounds outside mingle with the sound of cartoons playing downstairs

The day has indeed begun

As the sun now explodes over the horizon bathing all the world in its golden light

I’m filled with deep gratitude


That I don’t have to hurry off to work today  😉


© Julie Rehnelt 2018


Sorry I don’t have a photo to share with this one, I was too ‘busy’ just being.  Plus, there isn’t any frost on my windows this morning ~ apparently a windchill of minus 8 isn’t cold enough.  😉  I suppose I could have snapped a photo of my sleeping kitty, I haven’t shared any of her lately.  Maybe next time…


Well thanks for reading.  Happy Wednesday and keep warm ~ or cool, depending on the weather wherever you are today…



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

34 responses to “Wednesday Morning Meditations

  1. This sounds like a wonderful way to start your day Julie. Enjoy the day off!

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  2. Thanks for sharing this Jewels. This is so lovely! Have a great day ahead! 💕

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  3. This is more than beautiful, Julie! It’s soothing❤😊

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  4. A lovely meditation to pause with. Thank you Julie 💛

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  5. So nice to experience the dawn with you, Julie. The promise of a new day is a wonderful gift!

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  6. Beautiful Jewels, you captured the morning so well.

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  7. What a beautiful beginning to the new day! Just Being and immersing in all the miraculous gifts of life – so precious! Your words gave me a fresh new beginning in the middle of the day 🙂

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  8. I loved it, and I especially appreciate the source of your gratitude. I hope you had a wonderful, cozy day off 🙂

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    • Thanks Joey, I’m so glad you liked it! Yeah, I had to throw that in at the end – I was just feeling so grateful to be able to just sit there and be and not have to rush off. I had a lovely day off, hope your day was wonderful as well! It wasn’t Tuesday, so it should’ve have been alright. 😉

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  9. Oh, I love that last line, Yay, Julie!

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  10. So beautifully written, no picture is necessary. I think you sent the wind chill here lol

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  11. I feel like I’m right there

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