Mandala Monday ~ Pinecones

This past week I braved the elements and spent a little time playing around with pinecones in the snow…

This mandala is on a much smaller scale than the others I’ve made.  My back was still a bit sore from shoveling, so I stood at my potting bench rather than stooping and bending (not to mention, sitting on the cold ground in the snow 😉), so there wasn’t as much room to create anything very large.  To give you an idea on the scale, the small pinecones around the center are about the size of the fingernail of my pinkie finger.  They’re sooo tiny and cute!  And here’s a little fun fact – I collected them (and the majority of the other pinecones I used in this mandala) while on a walk with my daughter while she was in labor. 😊 It wasn’t a very long walk, seeing as she was in labor, but clearly we walked past a wonderful variety of evergreens.  I love all the various sizes and shapes of pinecones and was fortunate to come across so many of them in such a short distance.

As the glory of the colorful leaves of the deciduous trees of autumn fades, various evergreens now take center stage.  Extra lovely and so refreshing sprinkled with fresh snow.  I love the scent of cedar and pine.


Wishing you a refreshing week…




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

32 responses to “Mandala Monday ~ Pinecones

  1. Love this! Reminds me of when my mother used to make pine cone wreaths from the cones that would fall from our trees in the yard. I believe there may be one still around, somewhere.. ❤

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  2. Mandala Poem

    The glory of leaves of autumn fades.
    Evergreens now take center stage,
    sprinkled with fresh snow.
    and the scent of cedar and pine.

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    • Yes, I thought that when I read it after writing it. I guess I rhyme even when I don’t mean to. 😉 I probably could have put that at the top of this post, but maybe I’ll save it for a photo of an actual evergreen. 😊


  3. This earth-floor mandala is unique and so beautiful.

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  4. This is another wonderful mandala Julie! Like Annette, it makes me think of wreaths. I bet it could be turned into a nice wreath.

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  5. Such a pretty one. 🙂

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  6. This is so beautiful, Julie, each one you make surpasses the previous. It would make a wonderful Christmas card!

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  7. You are so talented! Wouldn’t this be pretty as a table centerpiece–yes, it would!!

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  8. Beautiful! Love it!

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  9. Love it!! 💖💖💖💖

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  10. I really enjoy your mandalas. This one has such beautiful warm browns.

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  11. Bbbbrrrr …. eautiful 💕

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  12. That’s really pretty! (Finally catching up on reading!). I bet that would make a lovely autumn wreath ❤️

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  14. Hello
    very beautiful mandala turned out! do you mind if i use this photo for yoga seminar flyers? thanks in advance

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    • Thanks so much, it’s one of my favorites that I’ve created! You may use the photo as long as you include on the image.


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