Lots of This…

Wishing you all lots of this today…

Well… not just today, but every day! 💕

I found my little stash of pressed flowers that I had packed away in an old box and thought I’d play around a bit arranging some flowery flat lays.  Some of these flowers are from gardens I had way back in the early 90’s!

I’d like to experiment doing more of this type of thing and maybe even try creating some mandalas using these old pressed flowers.  It’s snowing yet again today (huge, pretty flakes!), so finding creative indoor activities is always good. 😉

Thanks for letting me share, have a beautiful day, and Happy Valentine’s Day!  💘




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

19 responses to “Lots of This…

  1. So pretty! Happy Valentine’s Day, Julie!

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  2. So pretty and perfect for today. 😊

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  3. Another beautiful and creative Mandalay. Way to keep the creative juices flowing. Happy Valentine’s Julie!

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  4. That is a lovely way to spend a cold snowy day 🙂 It’s wonderful and so creative! You never cease to amaze me.

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    • It was a lovely way to spend a winter day. Although… it really made me long for spring and the return of blooming things. I may be due for a visit to the local conservatory. 🌸Thanks so much, Joey! 😊

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  5. You are so talented! That’s really pretty. ❤️

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