Mandala Monday ~ the Heart

Within the heart lies deep mysteries


It is a multi-faceted gem of exquisite beauty

resting on a bed of delicate flowers grown in an ancient garden tended with care

its borders surrounded by a heavenly fragrance  Oh ‘precious scent’! 


Within the heart lies deep mysteries


the greatest of these…




© Julie Rehnelt 2019


Another experiment using pressed flowers, and incorporating one of my favorite crystals as the center of this heart-shaped mandala.  I can’t even tell you how much I enjoyed creating this one!  💜


Wishing you beauty and joy, and a wonderful week!


✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

21 responses to “Mandala Monday ~ the Heart

  1. Absolutely beautiful – wow, love this, Julie!

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  2. This is gorgeous, Jewels. You are so creative.

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  3. Delightful poem and mandala Julie! To love and creativity. ❤

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  4. Your joy is evident in the beautiful creation, Julie! Wow…love it. Here’s to a wonderful week😁☀️🌻

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  5. You are gifted poet and creative artist Jewels, displaying the deep and beautiful person that lives within 😊

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  6. Gorgeous, love it!! 💜💜

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  7. Transformative 🥰

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  8. This is the February birthstone, isn’t it? Gorgeous, Julie.

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  9. That’s a stunning amethyst!

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