Fresh and Bright

Fresh and bright

Spring blossoms bring cheer  


© Julie Rehnelt 2019


It was a bit of a rough start for me this week and fresh flowers were just what the doctor ordered!

Hey, wouldn’t it be great if doctors really did order you flowers?!  😉


Happy Spring!  I hope beauty and cheer are blossoming wherever you are today! 🌸



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


17 responses to “Fresh and Bright

  1. Flowers uplift the soul, for sure! ❤

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    • They sure do! Won’t it be wonderful when the green and growing things return?! I hope you’ll still take part in the Vase on a Monday posts – yours are always so lovely! ❤


      • Thanks, I hope to make more arrangements this year, too, now that my kitten is about a year old. Although, she’s still a lunatic, leaping furniture with a single bound!
        So you still have snow? We slope to the north, so ours will be around for a while longer. Saw my first snowdrop yesterday, though! C’mon, Spring!

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      • That cute little rascal! 😍 Yes, still quite a bit of snow here, but it’s melting fast. Ah, lovely little snowdrops, how delightful! ❤

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  2. Beautiful flowers and image Julie! Just what the doctor ordered. 🙂 Happy Spring…

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  3. Beautiful spring flowers, for sure! ❤️

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  4. And may the joy of spring continue to blossom in you dear kindred heart!

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  5. Ha! I just saw my doctor yesterday. He didn’t give me flowers! Dammit.

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  6. A lovely image for the start of spring 🙂

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