Morning Has Broken

I awake to the sound of rain gently pattering on the rooftop above me

birdsong drifts in through my open window

My eyes open to a dreary light

no sunrise with the rain 

Outside is drab and colorless, oh how I long for the return of green

As I stare out the window, a chaotic mess of tangled, twisted tree branches greets me

they seem to mirror my busy, scattered thoughts on this a.m

But I focus on the bird sounds

breathe in the fresh air wafting in through the window

I feel grateful the temperature is mild enough to even have the window open

grateful for ears to hear the bird’s sweet voices

grateful for the breath in my lungs

Traffic sounds increase, people who’ve awoken before me and are already in their cars hurrying off to their various places

I wonder if they heard the birds singing upon arising, or instead awoke to the blaring sound of an alarm clock

I feel grateful once again

grateful that I can awake gently, according to my own body clock 

Church bells ring in the distance

One noisy sparrow looks in at me through the window and begins squawking at me, as if saying “Get up, get up, early bird catches the worm!”

I have no worms that need catching, but I could use some coffee

and there’s a hungry cat meowing outside my door

So I arise

Morning has broken


© Julie Rehnelt 2019


I have no photo to share with this, but a song comes to mind…

Everything is a song…


Be blessed and have a lovely day!



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


12 responses to “Morning Has Broken

  1. One of my favorite hymns – I love Cat Stevens and used to have all his albums (back in the day!). Lovely poem and mood upon rising. Blessings be!

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  2. Beautiful song, musings, and reminder to be grateful. Thanks for helping break open my heart and morning. ❤

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  3. A beautiful ode to the beauty of the morning!

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  4. I just had to put on Cat Steven’s song of the same title ~ beautiful words of yours to match the mood, Julie. Blessed by all the wonder around us I love the way you end it “So I arise, Morning has broken…” Even if it took a hungry cat to get you out of bed 😉

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    • Thanks so much, Randall. Haha my kitty has a keen awareness for knowing when I’m laying awake in bed in the morning – at least she waits til I’m awake to start meowing. 😉


  5. A poem to match a great song

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