Music Monday ~ Garden Party

I know I just said this in my last post (apparently I like to repeat myself), but everything is a song.  Or, everything reminds me of a song.  And as I was preparing to share these following photos another old song came to mind.  But more on that later…

Another flower show I recently attended was called Garden Party: An Uncommon Floral Experience and was located inside a local shopping mall.  Because of the mall setting, the vibe was quite different than the flower show at the conservatory that I shared about the other day, but the displays and the flowers were absolutely gorgeous!

This display was ooo aah.  You can’t really tell how lovely it was from this picture, but there were two magnificent flower arrangements in tall vases on the table…

Another view

This one was my favorite setting, but again, the photo doesn’t truly capture…

The name of the mall is called the Galleria, which I imagine is the story behind the letter G in this next one.  And here’s me repeating myself yet again… but this photo can’t truly capture this display, it was HUGE and incredibly beautiful.  The G was created with various succulents and the combination of textures and colors was so cool.  I loved the orchids cascading down the one side and the roses on top…

Everything was teapots, cups and saucers themed…

But the flowers, of course, were actually the main theme for me…

I got excited when I found some lavender (my fave) mixed in.  Mmm…

I even picked up some of my seeds for my veggie garden while I was there…

I can’t wait to get planting! 🌱

I have more to share, but I think you’ve scrolled long enough. 😉 It was a lovely little garden party to attend, thanks for joining me!  Can you imagine this an as outdoor experience?  Dreamy! 😍

I can’t wait to spend time in my humble little gardening space!  But Spring sure is taking it’s sweet ol’ time getting here to Minnesota… we have 12- 18 inches of snow in the forecast for Wednesday through Friday this week.  Ugh.  Oh well, what can you do?  Can’t control nature. 🙃


And finally, here’s the song…

What can I say, I’m a child of the 70’s…


Happy Monday!  Wishing you a beautiful week! 😊




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

30 responses to “Music Monday ~ Garden Party

  1. Sharon Petersen

    Ricky Nelson! That song was written about a concert at Madison Square Garden where he was booed by the audience….frag!
    I was near the Galleria on Saturday! Well the parking lot anyway. I don’t blame anyone for coming to the flower show, and it seemed that EVERYONE did. Parking was a nightmare.
    I love your floral photography! I hope you get to plant soon.

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    • Frag hahaha! 🤣 You always know those interesting little snippets of information! 😉
      Parking was a nightmare when we were there too, but luckily someone was pulling out just as we were circling around again. Thanks my friend! ❤ I’m out on the patio this morning and there’s lots of birdies out here, I hope you’ll be able to get out with your new old camera soon and get some nice captures of the birds. 😊


  2. Fun to hear that song again. I love the garden party theme (loved those painted chairs) and the floral arrangements were so exuberant. I should have a garden party when my beds peak in June – certainly a cause for celebration!

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    • I’m not sure where all of these old songs are coming from, maybe from my “paddling down memory lane” the other day? But it’s proof that everything we see, hear, smell, taste and experience gets stored away somewhere in the deep dark depths of our brains for later recall. 😉
      I loved the garden party theme too, it was so festive! An actual garden party during your flower beds’ peak in June sounds like a wonderful idea Eliza! 😊

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  3. Sorry about the snow forecast Julie but those flower displays are wonderful! I would love to go to flower shows like this or any one. 🙂

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  4. I have always like that song. Heard it at a concert with a great guy….good memories, Julie.

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    • I like it too, I haven’t heard it in years, but it was the first thing that came to mind with the flower show being called a “garden party.” I’m glad you have good memories associated with it, Lois. ❤


  5. OMG!! This is AMAZING!! 😍😍😍😍. Such beauty!! 🌷💖🌷💖🌷💖

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  6. You were certainly in your element Jewels at such a blooming beautiful flower show and so original in presentation 😊

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    • Thanks Ashley, it really was so ‘bloom-tastic’, just lovely! The only thing that would have made it better is if it was outdoors and if one was allowed to sit in the chairs in the displays. 🙂

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  7. A splendid post. Biggifying the pictures does give a good sense of loveliness

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  8. Absolutely beautiful!!!

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  9. Oh wow! Thanks for taking us with you! That table is DIVINE! Wowza!

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  10. So very lovely!

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  11. Beautiful pictures

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  12. interesting adventurous read… beautiful pictures

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  13. Wow – so pretty!

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