In Bloom

Spring unfurls

Sweet, lovely petals

of promise

of hope 

and the exciting possibility

of beautiful new beginnings



Even my heart


in bloom


© Julie Rehnelt 2019


Finally, some spring blossoms!  And things are greening up here too – little green buds are popping out everywhere; literally glowing with new life, it’s such a wonderful sight! 😍


Wishing you beauty, exciting possibilities, and new life today!



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


28 responses to “In Bloom

  1. Glad it’s finally spring!

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  2. Beautiful – so glad spring is here at last. Your poem is an exuberant, celebratory song! ❤

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  3. so nice – your words and blossoms – 🙂

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  4. Gorgeous blossom. I can see why your heart is in bloom Julie!

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  5. Beautiful, Julie! Happy spring, my friend! ❤️🌷🌸🌼

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  6. Beautiful post, Julie! 😊💚
    Happy Spring!

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  7. Finally–Happy Spring to you, Julie!

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  8. How appropriate for you beautiful heart! Let spring bloom in you and bring joy and delight with its new beginnings Jewels!

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  9. Ooher, what a pretty! Unfurl and stop raining maybe 😉

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  10. Lovely poem to accompany beautiful photograph

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  11. So beautiful! I’m enjoying all the sights of spring more than I have in years, probably because spring doesn’t mean baseball season for me anymore!

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    • Thank you! Spring is just starting here and I’m loving it too! Yes, I bet you don’t miss baseball season! 😉 Rachael’s playing softball wasn’t anywhere near as involved as you had with baseball, but I have to admit that I do sort of miss it, I love the sound of the crack of a bat. 😊

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  12. Beautiful photo and poem

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