The Mellow Glow

I love this from Val today.  I rather like the idea of having a “mellow glow, like autumn sunshine” shining from me. 💛

Find Your Middle Ground

astronomy dark dawn dusk Photo by Matheus Bertelli on

Why fight against the fading glow of youth?
Why try to freeze a process that can’t be stopped?
You’re clinging too hard, that’s why you’re weary;
your face is lined with tension not with age.

And even if your form has altered a little
even if the surface is a little worn and chaffed
your being is rich and deep
nourished by experience and understanding
and another kind of light is shining from you now:
a full, mellow glow, like autumn sunshine,
that spreads further and touches deeper
than the flashing, dazzling glow of youth.

Why not let that glow shine through
instead of trying to rekindle a faded light?

Change brings decay if you resist it.
But if you accept it and flow with it,
it brings growth and renewal.

~ Steve Taylor, taken from “The Calm Center”

Let us embrace the full…

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3 responses to “The Mellow Glow

  1. Beautiful reminders! Thanks for sharing Julie and Val. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for sharing your shining glow Julie 🥰

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  3. Welcome to My World

    Very wise words. Thank you.

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