Silent Sunday

Ordinarily I would only share a photo and not write anything when I entitle a post as “Silent Sunday,” but I just finished reading this book and somehow it still felt fitting…

It’s a book about silence, hence the ‘Silent Sunday’ – get it?Β  πŸ˜‰

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned to you guys that I work in a library.Β  Many various books pass through my fingers each shift that I work and this one literally shouted at me when I came across it.Β  Funny that a book about silence would “shout.”Β  But seriously, the vibes – I just knew I needed to read it… the feel of it in my hands, the soothing color, simplicity and minimalist design of its cover, and the smooth, creamy texture and thickness of its pages, all spoke to me.Β  (If you also have ‘a thing’ for books, you might relate to what I’m talking about there.)Β  But it was the subject matter that called to me the most…

Earlier this past spring I had been feeling an almost desperate need to escape and get out of the noisy city.Β  It’s one of the reasons I arranged several different little adventures for this summer.Β  (Except, after the extreme heat and high humidity we’ve had this summer, I have now decided that I’d prefer the majority of my future little adventures to be in the fall instead of summer.)Β  Although my adventures were mostly out of the inner city and out in nature, I still didn’t really feel like I escaped all the noise.Β  Traveling creates its own sort of ‘noise.’Β  But I did have little moments along the way when inner silence found me.Β  And that’s what we’re really talking about, isn’t it?Β  And that’s the main point of this book.

The inside front jacket cover reads: “What is silence? Where can it be found? Why is it now more important than ever?Β  In 1993, Norwegian explorer Erling Kagge spent fifty days walking solo across Antarctica, becoming the first person to reach the South Pole alone, accompanied only by a radio whose batteries he had removed before setting out.Β  In this book, an astonishing and transformative meditation, Kagge explores the silence around us, the silence within us, and the silence we must create.Β  By recounting his own experiences and discussing the observations of poets, artists, and explorers, Kagge shows us why silence is essential to our sanity and happiness – and how it can open doors to wonder and gratitude.”

It’s a different book than I’ve ever read before.Β  I’m not even sure how I would categorize it – I think I would call it philosophical more than anything else, and I enjoyed it very much.Β  It’s a short book, but one to read slowly, as to absorb all of the profound little nuggets of insight sprinkled throughout.

I had an interesting experience happen to me at one point while reading it.Β  I’m not entirely sure if it was related to what I was reading, but I suddenly experienced what I can only call a heightened sense of awareness.Β  I was reading it out on my patio – so, in this noisy city, when suddenly my sense of hearing changed.Β  All of the city noise became muffled and subdued, almost like my ears were plugged or I was under water, but it was only the ‘noise’ that was muffled.Β  It’s hard to explain… I could still hear completely clearly – the sound of the rustling of the trees was as clear as ever.Β  So I guess it was more like a shift in my awareness rather than a change in anything audible I was hearing or not hearing.Β  And there was an acute awareness of the plants in my garden, almost like I was sensing their life energy or something.Β  The big, heavy leaves of my zucchini were waving to me in the light breeze as if they ‘saw’ me.Β  I know that sounds weird haha!Β  I’ve had that happen to me one other time with regard to the trees.Β  I may have shared it here, I don’t remember, but it was a profound and deeply meaningful experience, and I was excited to have something similar to that happen again.Β  Like I said, I’m not sure if it was related to what I was reading or not, but it could’ve been.Β  Ya never know.Β  It could also just be that I’m weird…

Anyway, so I guess for this “Silent” Sunday I’m giving you guys a bit of a review on a book about silence.Β  And perhaps also a little insight into my weirdness!Β  πŸ™ƒ


Wishing you a wonderful, beautiful, blessed day!Β  May it be filled with moments of silence and peace.


My zucchini says “Hi!”




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

26 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. It sounds like a really good read and about something which is becoming ever worse; noise pollution! My hearing is very acute and I hear everything, so I really try to concentrate on the bird songs and not the road works!
    I’m glad that you found your little piece of peace as it were, when reading it. πŸ™‚
    Also, how marvellous to work in a library! πŸ˜€

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  2. A lot of fun wisdom and words in this post Julie. Kind of ironic for silent Sunday but I liked your experience. πŸ™‚ It sounds like you entered presence or the power of now. How wonderful to work at a library. Enjoy your silence.

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  3. Ah yes …. it sounds like your consciousness has expanded to a deeper level of awareness and insight. I feel the same in different parts of the world in nature and when I am with others who are tuned in and on the path of awakening. There is much that the mind can’t fathom, but there is also a deep knowing that it is right when we experience it. Along with heightened awareness is usually a rising of love, connection to nature and appreciation of being simply alive.
    May you have many more wakenings of spirit and consciousness Julie πŸ’•

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    • Thanks so much Val, I hope I have many more too, it really was wonderful! And I know exactly what you mean when you say “there is a deep knowing that it is right when we experience it.” The first time it happened was shortly after I began my Qigong practice a few years ago. I was out riding my bike along a tree-lined street when I suddenly experienced a sort of heightened awareness of the trees. It was the sense that they were aware of me as I was aware of them. It made me wonder if trees have consciousness. But I think perhaps it was more of a life energy type of connection or something. It’s hard to explain, but I have a feeling you kinda know what I’m talking about. Anyway, it was really cool, and even though I tease myself about being a weirdo, there is that ‘deep knowing that it was right.’ πŸ™‚
      Hope your week is off to a lovely start, dear Val! x ❀

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      • Lovely! I feel one with trees a lot and need to reach out and touch them. Enjoy this sense of connection and simply allow it to grow. It’s the same energy within us that is shared with the universe. πŸ’•

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  4. Not weird at all, IMO. I think what you are referring to is ‘selective listening’ (ignoring your MIL while she is speaking is a different form of SL, lol). By drawing your attention to what you want to hear, i.e., the ‘small sounds,’ your brain fades the other noise. (ADHD folk often can’t do this, all noise is loud and distracting with no way to select a single one for long.)
    The book sounds like a good one and definitely what the world could use now more than ever. We need to stop, center down and listen to that ‘small, still voice’ within. Thanks for sharing your literary and philosophical experience with us, Julie! ❀

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    • I know what you mean by selective listening, I tend to do that a lot – focus on the nature sounds etc. it’s a lifesaver in the noisy city, but this was a bit different, I wasn’t trying to do it on purpose. Also, I’ve never had the physical sensation of my actual hearing being changed like that, and of course that doesn’t explain the heightened sense of awareness I experienced – my zucchini waving at me. Hahaha! But the brain is an amazing thing and there’s so much we don’t understand, so who knows?! I’m grateful my brain works properly, I can’t imagine what it’s like for those who struggle with things like ADHD.
      Yes, the book was a good one. I don’t know if others would find it that interesting, but I certainly enjoyed it. πŸ™‚ Hope you have a wonderful week ahead, Eliza! ❀

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  5. Neat. I put it on my TBR. “never read anything like it” will usually do it for me πŸ™‚

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    • Fun! If you do read it, you’ll have to let me know what you thought of it. I just mentioned to Eliza that I don’t know if others would find it that interesting, but I certainly enjoyed it. πŸ™‚


  6. I love this post. You are not weird – you are unique. I have a row of pine trees at the front of my country home near a noisy, busy highway. When I walk below these pine trees, to the mailbox, on a windy day – – the traffic noise disappears and I feel as if I am in a huge forest of pines and hearing only the noise of wind through the pines. Love it! I worked in a library for several years and the quiet was wonderful.

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    • Thanks so much, Peggy, I’m so glad you liked it! Your pines sound completely lovely, I bet they smell amazing too! I love the scent of fresh pine!
      Fun that you worked in a library too! I worked in a school library for 11 years and have been at the public library for 2. The public library I work at isn’t quiet at all, I’m not sure if it’s that times are changing or if it’s just the location of the one I’m at, but the children’s area is almost always noisy. When I’m needing quiet I’ll often hide out among the stacks near the rear of the library – furthest from the children’s area. πŸ˜‰

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      • Worked at a high school library on the Navajo Indian Reservation for years. Quite an experience. Also spent years being a school secretary for K-12. Ah. I have ventured among the stacks for a few moments of peace.

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  7. Wishing you a peaceful sojourn into silence πŸ™‚

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  8. Not weird. Perfectly sound. And someone just had to do this:

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  9. Now that is my kind of book!

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