Monarch Monday

My daughter has been fostering monarch butterflies this summer and I’ve been privileged to be able to experience it in part with her.  It’s been a truly moving, enriching and “transforming” experience.  Here are two of the beauties I got to watch emerge just the other day…

It was absolutely magical, you guys!  Like, I know that we have all heard the inspiring and philosophical sayings about caterpillars transforming into butterflies, but witnessing first hand, the complete life cycle of these unique and amazing creatures that my daughter has fostered has brought me to tears on more than one occasion.  I’m truly in awe…

She hadn’t intended on fostering Monarchs, it just sort of happened.  You can read more about her journey on her Instagram account at where she has captured beautiful photos and amazing videos throughout the process – starting with the mother butterfly laying the eggs on the milkweed right outside her front door.  If you do plan to take a look, I would recommend scrolling to the very first post and going from there.  Her videos of them hatching from their eggs, munching on milkweed, crawling around, and then pupating and emerging are really amazing!

(As a bit of a side note and a proud mom’s shameless plug: Wolfehartwoods is her secondary Instagram account, she also has for her business where she shares the exquisite and unique wire wrapped tree of life pendants she creates.)

But back to the butterflies…

Interestingly, the most moving and meaningful part of the process for me personally, was watching the caterpillars transition into a pupa.  It looked extremely uncomfortable and difficult, and on some strange level – I related and resonated, and empathized.   Here are a few photos of one of them I witnessed…

Eventually the chrysalis hardens and then becomes transparent as the butterfly gets closer to emerging.  Here are two next to each other that are at different stages…

The chrysalis’ are absolutely beautiful!  You can’t really tell from the poor quality of the above image, but there are gold metallic dots and a gold line on the outside, it’s super cool!  It’s also super cool to realize what is happening inside those little pods.  Just wow.

Just a few moments after I snapped the photo above, it started to emerge…!

It happened so fast!  I tried to take a video of it, but it didn’t really turn out.

And here she is unfurling her new wings…

A few hours later we took her and the other lovely girl (who emerged at the exact same moment!) outside, where I took billions of photos.  Many of which turned out blurry in all of the excitement oops! 🙃

But it was completely and utterly delightful!  Especially because it was experienced with my daughter and my precious grandchildren.  Sorry, not sorry, for sharing all of these…

As you can see, my sweet granddaughter fully enjoyed the butterflies!  😍

At 9 months, my grandson was only mildly interested in the butterflies, and seemed mostly intent on examining the grass and the Creeping Charlie (as you can see in the background in one of the photos above), but here he seemed a bit more interested…

So much more interested, that five seconds after I snapped that photo, he made a grab for it.  Thankfully my daughter was alert and her hand was quicker than his.

But he was barely aware when one of them was exploring his head.  But just in case, my daughter was ready if his hands happened to reach at his head…

Such an adorable little head…


Neither butterfly was in a hurry to leave and even when they finally took flight, they came back to where we were in the yard and one of them landed on my hand for a little while before she took to the air and eventually disappeared from view…

Such an amazing creature.  I appreciated her special little goodbye.  ❤

And I appreciate my beautiful daughter.  I love her so much…

She’s always had sort of an affinity for butterflies and I feel like the universe wanted her to have this experience. She’s been a wonderful foster mom and hopefully with her assistance 13 little monarchs will have a better chance.



Happy Monarch Monday! Wishing you all a beautiful week ahead!



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

19 responses to “Monarch Monday

  1. What a wonderful family experience in sharing the beauty and joy of butterflies birthing. Yay! 🙂

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  2. A truly magical experience! I, too, get tearful watching these brave little souls fly off into the world (all the way to Mexico!). And what a wonderful lesson in loving Nature for your granddaughter. Her expressions are delightful!


    • It really has been magical! I know, their migration all the way to Mexico is really something – those delicate wings carrying them all that way! Thanks Eliza, I love my Granddaughter’s expressions, she brings so much joy to my life! ❤

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  3. Magical indeed! Thank you for sharing the excitement and love for the emerging butterflies. 💕

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  4. Fantastic post and pictures

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  5. What a lovely post Jewels and being able to share that time with your beautiful daughter and grandchildren. Your daughter has a beatiful smile also. The photo my wife and I agreed should be framed is 144358.jpg they are so cute. A very beautiful interaction of children with the wonders of Lepidoptera.

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  6. I cannot express how beautiful this post is. Thank you for sharing this. I have seen this happen on my milkweed plants and I am in awe of the nature God has created for us to enjoy. Your daughter and grandchildren are precious souls and thank you for sharing your family with your blogger friends. My daughter and granddaughter have done this same thing with other types of butterflies.

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    • Thank you so much, Peggy, I’m so glad you liked it! I’m happy too, that you and also your daughter and her daughter have experienced the wonderment of watching caterpillars transform into butterflies. 🐛🦋 Nature is amazing and beautiful, and God is good! ❤

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      • Yes nature certainly is beautiful. I spend as much time outdoors as I can. So glad your daughter and grandchildren are experiencing the joys of nature. Thanks for your nice comments.

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  7. Well this is all just lovely business, right here! I had some monarchs a few years ago, when I planted a bunch of milkweed. I did not have this sort of experience, and I am sad! So much pretty! I would say the monarchs peaked the second year. We still get them, but not like that year.
    Such sweet photos of your girls, Jewels 🙂

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    • Thanks so much, Joey, it’s really been a wonderful experience! Monarchs are so lovely! My daughter has one more chrysalis left. She came with the kids and spent last week with me for my birthday, and she brought her little fosters with – let 3 of them go in my garden. I hope they return. Sorry there haven’t been very many visiting your milkweed, maybe it takes a while. My daughter was reading that only 10% of monarchs survive from egg through adulthood and that’s why I fostering them helps. I’ve missed reading you lately, hope all is well in your world! ❤


  8. Wow, it must truly have been amazing to witness this 🙂

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