Mandala Monday ~ Lake Superior Rocks

A mandala I made from some of the rocks I’ve collected along the North Shore of Lake Superior…

Creating this one messed with me a bit because not all of them are uniform in size, shape or color.  But I still like the way it turned out, and it was fun to experiment making a mandala out of rocks.  I love rocks!  This is laid out in the middle of my patio at the moment and will probably stay there until I feel like arranging them into something new.

Here are some of the rocks I collected on my last little trip up along the North Shore…

Quite a haul.  I know… I’m such a thief!  😉

  They may not look like anything special in the photo, but each individual one spoke to me in some way as I explored along the shore in various areas.  The jagged-shaped ones on the upper right side were collected on the cliff I hiked that I wrote about in my Edge of the World post and hold special meaning for me.  But they’re all special.

I feel like most of the rocks I used in the mandala though were from ones I already had from previous trips before.  You may recall my sweet little granddaughter checking out my pile of rocks from an earlier Mandala Monday post…

I know it’s not really ‘right’ to take things from natural areas, but I’m always reverent toward nature.  And trust me, there’s literally gazillions of rocks up there – maybe more!  At any given moment if you look down while walking along the shore, this is what you see…

Unless you’re at Iona’s Beach where almost all of the rocks are a pink/salmon color.  It’s actually kind of a bizarre sight, but also super cool.  And nestled amidst them here and there you can find little dark gray/bluish ones that provide quite the contrast.  When my sis and I visited there this last time, someone had left this…

Looks like they love rocks too – and spreading the love!


Happy Mandala Monday!  Here’s to spreading some love in the coming week!



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

27 responses to “Mandala Monday ~ Lake Superior Rocks

  1. Oh, so wonderful!! 😃😃😃. I love rocks too! 💖. And I love your Mandalas! 😍😍

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  2. Nice one Julie. You’re a mandala master and rock star! 🙂

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  3. Lovely! Seriously, who can resist collecting these ancient glacial gifts?
    One of my favorite stones sits by my bathroom sink, heart-shaped with three white lines running through it (2 sons, spouse), I collected on a beach in CA. Rocks rock! 😉

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  4. I have always loved rocks. Too bad we don’t have a place to collect rocks in these lovely colors. Nice design you made.

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  5. Superb colour and texture

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  6. Wonderful post and picture!!

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  7. Very cool! I’m amazed you found so many of similar shape, size and color. I love rocks too.

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    • Thanks Trisha! These are from several different visits along the shore over the past couple of years – what’s funny to realize is that I obviously gravitate to ones of similar shape, size and color. 😉

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  8. I’m looking for Yooper Lights. Where should i go ?

    ERic – Marquette


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