Talkative Tuesday

So, you guys know how I said that I haven’t been feeling very wordy lately?  Well, I think that is about to change today…

Don’t you miss the good old days when I first started this blog when I used to actually ‘ramble’ on Ramblings’ from Jewels?  Or maybe you don’t haha!

Life is ever-evolving and I just try to go with the flow of whatever I’m feeling or thinking, or not.  One thing I always want this space to be is one of hope and joy and beauty.  I always want the energy I send out into the world through my blog, to be of benefit to others in some way, so I’m selective sometimes about what I choose to share.

When I write my poetry – or whatever you call it, I usually like to use the least amount of words to try to convey the deeper feelings and meanings, and my aim is to always be authentic and true to myself.  When I’m feeling despair or sadness, I tend to hold back sharing because I don’t want that emotion to trickle down onto to anyone else.  But sometimes if the words are still beautiful I might share.

But anyway, getting to the point…  Today I’m feeling very wordy and not feeling like being particularly careful about what I have to say. So here I go…

I had an old acquaintance message me this morning on Facebook asking how I’m doing.  It was very nice of her to check in.  However, she happened to catch me just as I had come back into the house after going out to investigate what the trash/debris was that I saw out on my side-yard from my kitchen window.  Do you guys want to know what it was?  Well, I’m going to tell you anyways…  it was a pair of soiled men’s briefs along with a huge wad of gas station paper towels all covered in feces.  Yep.

Well, hey, accidents happen, right?  I can’t think too harshly toward the person who left it there, right?  I should probably feel sorry for them, right?  I mean, it’s no pleasant thing to shit yourself, poor guy, right?  But when you add it to everything else that’s been going on lately – and there’s been a lot, mind you, that’s been going on around here, it set off a chain of rambling to this poor unsuspecting acquaintance who was just checking in to ask “How’s life been treating you?”  Well, like shit, actually, and quite literally, at the moment ha!

Yesterday, I placed an online order for my annuals and some of my herbs and veggies for my garden.  I’m so thankful for the garden centers offering curbside pick-up.  But it was hard, I had to let go and release of bit control, in not being the one to individually pick out each plant myself – and there were some scraggly and lesser quality plants that they had selected.  But I will give them the TLC I give all of my garden and will hopefully nurse them back to good health.  But I only mention that to tell you about what I discovered when I went out to my car to head out to pick up my order…  Someone had broken into my car.  And they had rifled through the glove-box and then left it open, so my car battery was dead.  Nice.  Thankfully, a good friend who lives nearby was able to come over and give me a jump.  The only funny part is that all they stole were some old CD’s out of my center console that were Christian Punk Rock music from like the 90’s haha!  My daughter used to listen to them in the car when she was in like 6th grade.  She’s 28. Yeah, I don’t know why those were still in my car…?  But haha thieves, have fun with those CD’s, I’m sure they’re worth a lot.  Not.  I’m just glad they didn’t find the stash of quarters I have hidden in a ‘secret’ compartment – there’s like 10 whole dollars in there!

The day before yesterday, I went down to my basement to get something and discovered the floor all around my washer and dryer covered in 2 inches of thick, gooey liquid.  Apparently, our giant industrial-sized jug of liquid laundry detergent had somehow fallen off the edge of the dryer and exploded all over onto the floor.  What a sticky, icky mess!  Not easy to clean up.  At all.  Luckily we had some dirty laundry in the clothes hamper down there that we could use to sop it up with.  But each load had to be run through the wash cycle 3 – 4 times to get all the detergent out and it still reeks of detergent.  It makes me wonder how ‘clean’ laundry really actually gets…

A few days before that, I was sitting up in my room having my morning coffee when I heard a noise below my window, like a crackling.  When I looked out I saw a guy taking off on his bike with a huge handful of branches from my rhododendron.  And when I went out to check on it I found a GAPING hole right smack in the middle of my bush.  Remember that ‘rather unsightly hole’ I mentioned in my last post?  Well, you don’t want to see it now – completely butchered.  Couldn’t the guy had taken some from one of the sides, like, just wow dude. I was super pissed!  I planted that shrub for my parents 20+ years ago. It was especially disheartening for me because I’ve been waiting sooooo long for the blooming things to return, like it was as if my soul depended on it, and then someone comes along and destroys the one thing in my yard that’s blooming.  Thankfully, there are more blooming things now – my lilacs are just about to bloom, and it’s only the beginning of the season of blooming things.  I’m thinking I might hang some sort of shiny bauble or maybe hang some sweet sounding little chimes to help pretty-up and fill that gaping hole.

This rambling is getting pretty long.  If you’re still reading, I appreciate you ‘listening.’

You may have noticed that I haven’t even mentioned anything that is going on that is related to COVID-19. Ugh, I hate even typing it.  Since it all began, I have purposely not wanted to give it any space on my blog and purposely haven’t shared about any of the ways it has affected my life.  I don’t know, like as a protest against it or something?  Not that that makes any sense whatsoever.  I guess I figure there’s already plenty of stuff about it everywhere else and I’d rather have my blog be a place to get away from it for a moment.  But I know it helps people to talk about it too.  Ugh, I don’t know.

I will share that I lost my job back in the beginning of April.  It was supposed to just be a furlough, but they decided to let me and around 100 other county employees go instead.  I can’t tell you how sad I was, I really liked my job.  Thankfully, I am being financially provided for temporarily – that was touch and go for a while though, very stressful.  And I know I’m not alone in that.

I’ve been through a wide range of emotions and I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but at the end of it all, the emotion I feel the most right now is gratitude.

I may have poopie pants on my lawn, thieves breaking into my car, a dead battery, butchered shrubs, gooey liquid all over the floor, and no job, but…

Me and mine are safe and healthy, and that’s all that really matters.


I hope you and yours are too.

Thanks for letting me ramble today, I told you I was feeling wordy.  I sincerely appreciate you all.


Flower for your thoughts…




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

16 responses to “Talkative Tuesday

  1. Yes Julie, you really did ramble today. I haven’t seen that before from you. I can relate to typically posting only that which uplifts, inspires, etc. And I understand that sometimes we need to let it all out, even the dirty laundry! 🙂 I’m sorry that you have so much going on and am awed that you can still find gratitude. Kudos my ramblin’ friend. 💞

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  2. Oh my gosh, Julie….I am so sorry for all of this. I want to 1) kick that little shit in the nuts, 2) blast those Christian CDs until whoever stole them begs for mercy (heh, heh..little pun there). The guy who stole a ‘bouquet?’ Why” Just why? Everything is so crazy now, but I think you should be placed on the road to good things. For life!! I hope things turn around for you. Ramblin’….anytime, my friend. Anytime at all. XO

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    • Thanks Lois, gosh, I’m tellin ya it’s been a week! 😑 On a side note… it just so happens that the old acquaintance of mine who contacted me didn’t really contact me – apparently, she was hacked. So whoever it was that I rambled all that stuff off to was some unknown random person. Someone who was clearly up to no good. 🤔Probably the guy who left his poopie pants on my lawn. 😉

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  3. Loved your honest post Jewels and how like King David in his Psalms it came to a positive good conclusion after your rant. Loosing the job you love is a very heavy loss which I share with you as I was forced into retirement recently and still adjusting and grieving as you are. It is amazing how we can be tested with many problems at around the same time. The important thing is we bounce back. I love that aspect in you, as you have suffered much but always looked beyond and above to find the beauty and serenity that surrounds you. I love that beautiful positive aspect that features in your posts. 🙂

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    • Thanks so much, Ashley. I’m so sorry to hear of you being forced into an early retirement. The same thing happened to my sister a few years ago and it’s such a difficult thing to go through. I do want to give you a bit of encouragement about that though, if I may? After some time, my sister found that she still wanted to work and so she went about discovering what else she might like to do and she found a completely different type of job that she absolutely loves. So you never know what is around the corner for you. Of course, she’s currently on leave from that new position right now due to her husband being at high risk for COVID with his liver transplant. But this too shall pass, eventually. I’m hoping to be called back for my job somewhere down the road, but if I’m not, I know deep down that there’s something equally good if not better in store for me. 🙂

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  4. God bless you, dear girl! You’ve had such a string of bad luck, and yet, you hold the Light and express gratitude. I SO appreciate that! I’m glad you shared it all, I hope it helped you and it is a lesson for all of us. Folks are getting frustrated with all that is going on. (My son had a meltdown today – one can only hold space for that.) These are challenges we’ve never had to face, let alone endure. I try to take each day at a time and like Rumi’s ‘The Guest House’ let my emotions come and go, telling me what they need me to hear/express. I am grateful that it is spring, because Nature is my strength, She never fails me! The returning birds are my angels. 😉
    Sending you lots of love and big hugs. ❤

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    • Thanks so much, Eliza! ❤ It truly is a trying time for everyone right now. In the grand scheme of things, I know that all the stuff I've had going on isn't really a big deal (well, losing my job was), but things build up and when you've got something different happening every day, it can become mighty challenging to keep your spirits up – even for people like me who are generally optimistic and usually see the bright side of things. I'm so grateful it's spring too and I know just what you mean about nature! Oh yes, those sweet birds! I recently welcomed back the Orioles to my yard and their bright feathers warm my eyes, and my spirits! The little goldfinches too are such a delight! Those little cuties! ❤ Thanks for the love and hugs, Eliza. Coming right back atcha! 🙂

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  5. Well – you did finish with a touch of hope, joy, and beauty.

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  6. Sometimes I do miss you rambling. Regardless, I always appreciate all the love & light.
    SO sad to know you’re really going through it over there! I swore like 5 times reading your post, and finally had to let my family know some of this wrong that’s been done to you! What a bunch of jerkfaces! I can imagine your surreal awe at the compilation!
    I sure hope things improve for you, Jewels. And how! And lickety-split! ❤

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    • After I mentioned that about people missing when I used to ramble, I realized that probably not a lot of people who read me now were here when I used to ramble hah!
      Yeah, I was swearing a bit myself with everything that was going on – some even filtered into this post, which rarely happens. But man what a bunch of suck! Things have improved a bit, thanks Joey! ❤ Hope you have a good week ahead! 🙂

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