Mandala Monday ~ Heart for the City

Some of you may know that I live in the city of Minneapolis, and you may have heard what has been going on here over the past week.  Some of it may now also be affecting your communities.

My heart has been so troubled… I can’t really even formulate the words to describe the range of emotions I’ve been experiencing, but grief, anger and fear have been at the forefront.

Grief over the death of George Floyd, grief and anger over the racism, hatred and injustice that exists in our world; and grief, anger and fear over all of the violence, chaos and devastation sweeping over my city right now.

I don’t have the answers or a solution of how to fix anything.  But I do believe that our thoughts and emotions have energy that expands outside of ourselves and affects the world around us.  So I want to take care with the type of energy and vibes I’m putting out.  I don’t want my grief, anger and fear to add any fuel to the literal flames going on around me – I want to radiate peace and love out into my community, and out into the world.

Even though I feel very small and powerless to change anything, I have to believe it makes a difference somehow.  I can shift my focus and take these actions…

“Lord make me an instrument of Your Peace

Where there is hatred, let me sow Love

Where there is injury, Pardon

Where there is doubt, Faith

Where there is despair, Hope

 Where there is darkness, Light

Where there is sadness, Joy

Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console 

Not so much to be understood, as to understand

Not so much to be loved, as to love…”

That is what I was meditating on as I made this mandala ~ making it heart-shaped as my heart went out to my city.  And making it with Bleeding Hearts felt pretty perfect…


My deepest sympathy to the family and friends of George Floyd.  Peace and Love to all the people of my city, and in the world, who are hurting.



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

21 responses to “Mandala Monday ~ Heart for the City

  1. I celebrate your loving response to a tragedy on so many levels.

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  2. Beautiful and inspiring response, Julie. Creating beauty puts order in a chaotic world. May you stay safe with love all around you. ❤

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  3. This is a beautiful and heartfelt message Julie. Your mandala and the prayer are a perfect response. May we sow seeds of peace, love, and reconciliation.

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  4. It’s a beautiful mandala and beautiful thoughts too. I believe that even a small positive energy can make a difference.

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  5. That was simply beautiful. Maybe, just maybe, if we spread more stories of hope and love and kindness they will spread and help heal instead of focusing on the chaos. After all, where your eye goes, so goes the ball.

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    • Thanks so much, Sharon. Yes! I saw some beautiful stories of care and compassion and how all the people came together to help clean up and bring much needed essentials to the areas that have been hit the hardest, it gave me so much hope! I love you, my dear friend! ❤ Mush mush! 😉


  6. So much sadness in the world right now. Be safe, stay strong, my dear friend. Your mandala, and your words, speak volumes. Much love ❤

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  7. ❤ ❤ ❤ I teared up a bit at this post – thank you. May we all stay safe and take care of each other.

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  8. It seems a little, but if everyone practised those things it would be a lot!

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