Welcome Spring

Serene pools created as the warming sun transformed winter snows, reflect the barren landscape of early spring, clothed in amber and gold, soon to join the fresh, lush hues of the evergreens

As these overflowing reservoirs spill out, carrying their replenishing waters to share with all living things along its journey across the land, streams of abundance flow, with laughter, singing a joyful song


Welcome Spring!


© Julie Rehnelt 2021

Happy Spring to those of you here with me in the Northern hemisphere! Of course, the date on the calendar doesn’t necessarily always match whatever the weather is doing wherever one may be.  Here in my area of Minnesota, we are having some beautiful weather at the moment – although that can change dramatically on any given day.

The above photo was taken on a lovely walk I went on the other day on a trail along Nine Mile Creek. It’s so hard to capture the full beauty of a place or a moment. One thing you probably can’t get the full effect of from the photo I snapped is the ‘serene pools’ I mention at the top of the poem. In the upper middle part of the photo you can just barely see it, but the calm waters so beautifully reflected the landscape there.  It was the stream I was mostly trying to capture though, but the whole scene was so lovely.  And the sound… gosh, it’s wonderful to hear flowing waters again after the long winter…

Hope you have beautiful sights and sounds to enjoy wherever you are on this first day of Spring! I’m off to take full advantage of our nice weather! Many blessings to you, my friends!




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


31 responses to “Welcome Spring

  1. LOVE the words, the photo, and feeling! Happy Spring.

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  2. Happy Spring, Julie! It’s pretty cold here in my part of Florida, but my bridal wreath and azaleas are in bloom, so I am one happy woman!!

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  3. Happy Spring, Julie, we made it through another winter, yay! 🙂
    Lovely photo– I agree, it is great to hear the sound of flowing water once again. ❤

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    • Happy Spring, Eliza! 🌷 Yes, we did, and it was lovely, but I am so ready for the return of the green and growing things! I’m trying not to be too eager though haha! Just soaking up the right now. And right now this morning, I’m really enjoying listening to the sweet birdsong coming in through my open window. 🎶🐦 Such a welcome, cheerful sound after the quiet and stillness of winter. Have a beautiful day, Eliza! ❤

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  4. Happy Spring Julie! Your words and photos convey the beauty of flowing waters. 😍🌼

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    • Thanks so much, Brad, it’s really wonderful to hear flowing water again! 😊 Wishing you a wonderful second day of Spring, my friend! 🌷 I hope it’s filled with whatever brings you joy! 💕


  5. Spring is a happy time. Love your photo of the flowing water. I imagine we are ahead of you here in Arkansas. Everything is blooming here.

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  6. Happy Spring to you too.

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  7. Embracing it all✨

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  8. Happiness! Spring is here.

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  9. Happiest of Springs to you, Dear Jewels.

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  10. Wonderful words and image!

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  11. happy spring ! but to be honest i quite miss the cooler weather …

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    • Happy Spring to you! I know what you mean – I also enjoy cooler weather. I love all weather, actually, and always enjoy the changing of the seasons! Thanks so much for stopping by! 😊

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  12. Happy Spring…Happy Easter Sunday, Julie! Hope you and your family are well and that you have a wonderful day. Enjoy


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