Mandala Monday ~ Strawberries

Sometimes I like to play with my food 🙃

I’ve really been enjoying my little patio container of strawberries this year. It’s such a lovely, delightful little pot, and I’m getting so many berries on it – more than ever before!  It’s an ever-bearing variety, so it’s been non-stop since spring.

Tiny, but tasty! 🍓

And the bright, hot pink blooms are so beautiful..

This is from earlier this spring…

And this is from this morning…

I’ve got to keep an eye out for the pesky squirrels who like to snatch them just as they’re ripening. Those theiving little beasties!

I also have a little strawberry plant that my granddaughter and I started from seed back in March of 2020 when she had her last sleepover just before the big C burst onto the scene here in the US.  It too has been getting tiny berries on it…

I arranged this on my potting bench the other day using some of the berries from that plant while thinking of my sweet granddaughter…

She’s getting so big…

And so is my grandson…

Gosh, how time flies… we’ve really got to cherish each moment, don’t we. 💕


May your Monday be filled with sweet moments…


✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

17 responses to “Mandala Monday ~ Strawberries

  1. Hi Julie. I love the vibrant colors in your food mandala. Please keep playing with your food and cherishing the moments! 😍

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  2. I thought that first photo was looking down on top of a cake–so pretty, Julie! Your little ones (the kids not the strawberries!) are growing up so fast. But the strawberries look great. I gave up trying to grow tomatoes–those squirrels–and birds–were way too quick for me!

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    • Ooo that would be a pretty cake top! Hmm that gives me an idea! 🤔 Thanks Lois! 😁 Yes, those sweet little darlins are really growing up! I’ve been helping Noelle learn to ride a bike this summer and she loves it! Oh man I know what you mean, I gave up on tomatoes too – the squirrels ALWAYS stole them right before they were ready to pick, those scoundrels!

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  3. Beautiful children and beautiful strawberries! A match made in heaven.

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  4. Your strawberries are amazing and look delicious! Yum! 😀
    What a lot you are getting from one tiny plant.
    Beautiful mandalas – especially when made while thinking of your grandchildren. 😀

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  5. Beautiful and simple is the design Jewels, which shows how simple things have beauty and their beauty is enhanced when placed beside other simple and beautiful things. Your grandies are adorable, it is lovely that you are getting time with them, I miss that. The Covid has robbed me of time with my grandies for 2 years now, and we still do not know when as we continue in lock-down. Enjoy your week my friend. 🙂

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    • Thanks so much, my friend. Simple is exactly how I like things. 😊 Of course, life often dictates otherwise, but we do what we can.
      I went several months without seeing my grandchildren and it was excruciating, my arms ached to hold them, so I can’t imagine 2 years. I’m so sorry you haven’t been able to spend time with them in person, Ashley. 😔 Thank goodness for technology for how it helps in some small way to connect us. I had many fun video chats with my grandies – including the first ever kiss blow from my little grandson. That melted my heart! 🥰
      Hang in there, keep well, lots of love to you!

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  6. Oh, my, I was astonished to see how they’ve grown! The time does fly, ever-faster it seems. I love your little strawberries and mandalas, too. I think it is almost impossible to keep pesky rodents from eating tasty strawberries. 😉


  7. Julie, I’m back! It’s so wonderful to find you still here. This is the kind of inspiration I need in my world.

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