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Silent Sunday




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


A Rare Visitor

When I woke up this morning and opened my shades, this is what I saw outside my bedroom window…


An albino squirrel!!!

I wasn’t quite awake yet and it was such a surprise to see it there, that I wasn’t sure it was real at first.   If you’ve been reading my posts for any length of time you know that I already frequently find squirrels amidst my branches, but never an albino one!  I’m so glad I had my camera sitting right there so I could snap a couple photos of it.

I guess it found my tree a nice place to stop for a quick grooming…


And for staying low and being on the lookout…



I wish I could’ve got a better shot of its face (and pink eyes), but it was a fidgety little thing and wasn’t facing my direction most of the time.  I’m lucky to have gotten this somewhat blurry shot as it paused for only a second, and still being half asleep this was the best I could do…



 I’ve only seen an albino squirrel one other time in my life that I can remember, and I felt so privileged to have this rare little creature visit my tree.  ♥

I may go and read up a bit on them, as I think they’re quite uncommon.  Have you ever seen one?

Earth Day

I shared this video last year in Thoughts on Earth Day, and thought I would again.  We sure have a beautiful place to live, and share it with so many amazing and wonderful creatures. ♥

Lets do what we can to try and take better care of it…



Feeling Squirrely

No, it’s not me that’s feeling squirrely, although I have been known to act that way from time to time.  😉

I discovered a new little squirrel friend frolicking in the branches of the tree outside my bedroom window this morning.  And I had a wonderful time watching him and trying to photograph him as he scampered about the branches.

He was being a bit camera shy and elusive at first, when I caught this little “on the look-out” shot of him.  He blends in well with the tree here, and did a pretty good job at trying to be incognito.



And he also appears to possess first-rate aerobatics skills…



Here I caught him as he was sitting up on his hind legs with his front ones tucked against his chest.  I like how he has his head tilted a bit off to the side, shyly looking my direction with his one eye.  So sweet.


But now that I think of it, he sort of looks like he’s begging here.  Well, I’m not falling for his cuteness, and if he sticks around, he darn well better keep his grubby little paws away from my veggies this summer!  I certainly don’t want a repeat of my “Adventures in Gardening Part 21 ~ That Thieving Squirrel: The Epic Battle Continues…”


This is my favorite one that I took of him, snapped just before he scurried away.



Although my little visitor this morning wasn’t agitated like the squirrel in this video, this was the sound he was making while I was photographing him, so I’m thinking he must really dislike his picture being taken.  Or maybe he was just feeling squirrely…  😉


Bunnies and Duckies and Chicks, Oh My!

Easter is just around the corner and even though bunnies, duckies, and chicks have absolutely nothing to do with the real meaning of Easter, it seems like this is the time of year when these adorable, fuzzy, little critters come onto the scene.

We raised rabbits, chickens and ducks for over 10 years and it was so much fun!  I really miss it ~ especially when spring rolls around.  So in my nostalgia, I scoured through some old photos and found a few that I thought I’d share…

This is Tickles ~ one of the many various ducks we raised over the years.  Aw, look at his precious little face.  ♥


Here is one of our smoked pearl colored Netherland Dwarf rabbits peeking out from its fur lined burrow.  Interesting rabbit fact you may not know… when mother rabbits are getting ready to deliver, they start pulling out the fur on their neck and chest to line their nest with it.


These were the very first chicks we started with.  We didn’t know which breed to go with, so we got one of each kind that they had available at the local farm & garden center.  I couldn’t even tell you now what breeds they were, but I remember each one of their names!  Interesting chicken fact you may not know… hens lay an egg each day regardless of whether or not there is a rooster around.


This was the first time our ducklings were in the water, and they were great little swimmers right from the start!


Look at this pretty bunny.  This was the photo we used for advertising purposes when selling our rabbits.


We also had this sign posted along the road out in front of our property…


While the Netherland Dwarf breed of rabbit are pretty, they aren’t really one of the friendliest.  But Holland Lops are ~ this little fella is Cookie, and he was the sweetest rabbit we ever had.  ♥


It was always so much fun each spring whenever we got new baby chicks!  This isn’t a very good photo of them, but there are about 25 fuzzy little peepers here.  They all wanted to stay warmed up under the heat lamp.


Yep, I sure miss having all these fuzzy little critters.  And the farm fresh eggs.  Also wish I had their droppings to use for compost for the new vegetable garden I’m putting in over at my mom’s.  Chicken and rabbit manure = wonderful fertilizer!  Haha it’s kinda gross when you think of it though… growing our food…that we eat… in animal poop.  😉