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Last Taste


On warm autumn days as the sun shines bright

it seems every blossom contains a bee

hungry for its last taste of summer’s nectar 


© Julie Rehnelt 2018


Over the past several days the bees have been busy, busy, busy in the garden gobbling up all they can.  I can almost feel their urgency.  I’ve really enjoyed watching them and trying to capture photos of them with my phone.  Yes, little bees, we must enjoy the last of summer’s blossoms while we can, as there’s a frost advisory in effect for tonight…

I’ve still got peppers growing out there so I imagine I’ll be ‘buzzing’ around with a bit of urgency myself harvesting them tonight after work.  Buzz buzzzz…



Wishing you beauty and joy…




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

Silent Sunday



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

Buzzing Mums

One of my favorite fall-time blooms are Chrysanthemums.  They come in a lovely array of colors and seem to be the perfect flowering companion and accent to go with the gorgeous colors of the autumn leaves on the trees.  I don’t have any growing in my garden here (yet), but I have been enjoying all the mums I’ve seen while I’m out and about at various places.

I happened upon a lovely patch of them one day while out running errands, it was a beautiful sunny day and I had my camera with me, so I stopped to take a few photos.  They were not only abundant in blooms, but were also buzzing with the lively hum of bumblebees.








Such a delight to come across in the midst of my busy day.  😀


Autumn is progressing here and the temps are dipping down low, but there is still so much beauty all around.  I’m thankful for eyes to see, and for a heart to feel it with.  ♥

Peace and love…