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Silent Sunday

Ordinarily I would only share a photo and not write anything when I entitle a post as “Silent Sunday,” but I just finished reading this book and somehow it still felt fitting…

It’s a book about silence, hence the ‘Silent Sunday’ – get it?  😉

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned to you guys that I work in a library.  Many various books pass through my fingers each shift that I work and this one literally shouted at me when I came across it.  Funny that a book about silence would “shout.”  But seriously, the vibes – I just knew I needed to read it… the feel of it in my hands, the soothing color, simplicity and minimalist design of its cover, and the smooth, creamy texture and thickness of its pages, all spoke to me.  (If you also have ‘a thing’ for books, you might relate to what I’m talking about there.)  But it was the subject matter that called to me the most…

Earlier this past spring I had been feeling an almost desperate need to escape and get out of the noisy city.  It’s one of the reasons I arranged several different little adventures for this summer.  (Except, after the extreme heat and high humidity we’ve had this summer, I have now decided that I’d prefer the majority of my future little adventures to be in the fall instead of summer.)  Although my adventures were mostly out of the inner city and out in nature, I still didn’t really feel like I escaped all the noise.  Traveling creates its own sort of ‘noise.’  But I did have little moments along the way when inner silence found me.  And that’s what we’re really talking about, isn’t it?  And that’s the main point of this book.

The inside front jacket cover reads: “What is silence? Where can it be found? Why is it now more important than ever?  In 1993, Norwegian explorer Erling Kagge spent fifty days walking solo across Antarctica, becoming the first person to reach the South Pole alone, accompanied only by a radio whose batteries he had removed before setting out.  In this book, an astonishing and transformative meditation, Kagge explores the silence around us, the silence within us, and the silence we must create.  By recounting his own experiences and discussing the observations of poets, artists, and explorers, Kagge shows us why silence is essential to our sanity and happiness – and how it can open doors to wonder and gratitude.”

It’s a different book than I’ve ever read before.  I’m not even sure how I would categorize it – I think I would call it philosophical more than anything else, and I enjoyed it very much.  It’s a short book, but one to read slowly, as to absorb all of the profound little nuggets of insight sprinkled throughout.

I had an interesting experience happen to me at one point while reading it.  I’m not entirely sure if it was related to what I was reading, but I suddenly experienced what I can only call a heightened sense of awareness.  I was reading it out on my patio – so, in this noisy city, when suddenly my sense of hearing changed.  All of the city noise became muffled and subdued, almost like my ears were plugged or I was under water, but it was only the ‘noise’ that was muffled.  It’s hard to explain… I could still hear completely clearly – the sound of the rustling of the trees was as clear as ever.  So I guess it was more like a shift in my awareness rather than a change in anything audible I was hearing or not hearing.  And there was an acute awareness of the plants in my garden, almost like I was sensing their life energy or something.  The big, heavy leaves of my zucchini were waving to me in the light breeze as if they ‘saw’ me.  I know that sounds weird haha!  I’ve had that happen to me one other time with regard to the trees.  I may have shared it here, I don’t remember, but it was a profound and deeply meaningful experience, and I was excited to have something similar to that happen again.  Like I said, I’m not sure if it was related to what I was reading or not, but it could’ve been.  Ya never know.  It could also just be that I’m weird…

Anyway, so I guess for this “Silent” Sunday I’m giving you guys a bit of a review on a book about silence.  And perhaps also a little insight into my weirdness!  🙃


Wishing you a wonderful, beautiful, blessed day!  May it be filled with moments of silence and peace.


My zucchini says “Hi!”




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

Thursday Thought


Amidst all the mayhem and troubles that life can sometimes bring, be on the lookout for the tiny treasures that may be hidden within each day, for there is always beauty to be found.


I spy with my little eye

a baby Oriole spying back at me…


Can you even see it?  I could barely spot it, and I knew it was there.  The color of the leaves is great camouflage with the color of its feathers.


Playing I Spy with that little baby Oriole camouflaged up in that tree makes me think of the I SPY book series.  I worked in a school library for 11 years and some of the students’ favorite books to sign out were those I SPY books.   They’re a sort of picture puzzle, riddle book, each page is overly crowded with pictures of every day objects and the reader has to find a specific item hiding in plain sight amidst all the mayhem.  Some of them can be a bit challenging, even for me as an adult, and I’m great at puzzles.  I once had to undergo a battery of grueling tests, one of which consisted of being timed at putting together a puzzle from random shaped, abstract pieces.  I not only immediately figured out what it was supposed be, but I put it together in a matter of seconds, and apparently I was the only one who had ever succeeded in assembling it at all.  I’m not sure what that means in the grand scheme of my intelligence or my personality type at large, but if nothing else, at least it means I’m good at certain types of puzzles.  😉


I guess what my thought is, is that sometimes life is like that – like an I SPY book.  Sometimes the pages of our lives may seem overly crowded with this or that, and it’s a challenge to find the little treasures hidden in plain sight amidst all the mayhem (or amidst the camouflage of tree branches), but keep a lookout, there is beauty to be found.


Wishing you a day of beauty and hidden treasures…



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

“Winter is Coming”



Winter is coming?  Wait, what?  Isn’t it spring that is supposed to be coming?  Well, if you look at the weather forecast for my area you will find that we have a Winter Storm Warning in effect for the next couple of days, with 8-12 inches of fresh snow expected.  Sigh…

Another reason for my titling this post “Winter is Coming,” is because I’ve been laid up for the past few days, sick and laying around like a lump, and while I’ve been laying there I’ve been re-watching all 3 seasons of the HBO series Game of Thrones (“Winter is Coming” is the title of the first episode).  It’s quite an epic story, though a little more violent and vulgar than I would usually prefer, but I do so love a great medieval type of fantasy story, and sometimes that sort of stuff tends to come with the territory.  The show is based on the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R. R Martin.  I’ve read the five books contained in the series so far and they’re very good.  Martin has been called the “American Tolkien,” but I wouldn’t go that far.  Although he is a great author, no one compares to Tolkien, in my humble opinion.  Anyway, season 4 of Game of Thrones premieres April 6th, so I’m getting all reacquainted with the story in preparation for that.  And I’m pretty darn excited too!

In regard to the photo… that beautiful piece of art was designed and created by my daughter to represent House Stark, which is one of the families from Game of Thrones.  For those not familiar with the story, House Stark’s motto is the phrase “Winter is Coming,” and their house sigil is the dire wolf, represented by the stunning wolf head bail attached at the top.  Also, the tree’s “leaves” are made with red garnet stones which are meant to symbolize the red leaves of the Weirwood tree which resides in the godswood of Winterfell, the home of House Stark.   Get ready for a shameless plug here…  My daughter specializes in wire wrapped Tree of Life pendants and this is one of her most popular designs.  If you click on the photo it will bring you to her Etsy shop where you can see this and many other lovely and unique Tree of Life designs.  Yeah, as you can tell, I’m just a little proud of her.  😉

Well, hopefully this predicted winter storm will blow over (and melt) quickly and we can start seeing some spring weather around here.  It’s April for goodness sake, we should be saying “Spring is Coming.”  I guess technically it is coming, but it sure doesn’t feel like it…


✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

Feeling a Bit Like Alexander

It started last night, I went to bed with a troubled heart and upsetting thoughts rolling around in my head.  I tossed and turned all night and woke up feeling horrible.  Physically and mentally.

But in always trying to do my best each day to find joy in the simple things, to be grateful, and to keep a positive outlook on things, before I got out of bed I tried to shift my way of thinking to notice and appreciate the beautiful sunlight flickering in through my windows.  Then, hearing me stirring, my cat came to greet me, I let my fingers sink into her soft fur, and thought about what a little delightful and comforting blessing she is to me.

But as soon as my feet touched the floor and pain shot through me, a cascade of negative thoughts poured in, and all that had been troubling me the night before came flooding back into my mind.  As I went about my morning routine, I tried to get a grip on the direction of my thoughts, determined to make it a good day.  But then I stepped in cat poop.  Or vomit, it was hard to tell.  (I’m sure it was one of the other cats’ dirty deed, and not my sweet blessing Baby that had come in to greet me just moments earlier).  I cleaned it up and went to pour myself a cup of coffee, only to discover I was out of coffee cream.  So disappointing.   Nothing can ruin my morning more than not being able to enjoy my coffee.  😦

It was basically all downhill from there.

I’ll spare you from reading about all the petty, annoying little things that continued on from there.  But it was funny because gradually verses from the children’s book “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” began running through my mind.  I worked in a school library for 11 years and had listened to that story being read to the children many, many times over the years.  I could possibly even recite it myself verbatim.  Almost.

It’s a cute story, and can be used as a good spring board for discussions with children about when things just aren’t going right, and how important having a good attitude is.  For us adults as well.  😉

I found it on YouTube and thought I’d share…

“Some days are just like that.  Even in Australia.”


It’s still early here, so I’m not giving up on trying to make the best of it today.  I have a million and one things to do as I’m leaving for a mini vacation tomorrow, but I made an appointment to have my hair done ~ getting pampered is always therapeutic.  And I think I’ll stop at Caribou on the way and treat myself to a cup of my favorite coffee drink to make up for the coffee I missed out on this morning.  😀

I hope your day is filled with good things…


Isn’t it wonderful when you read a story or watch a movie that touches your heart in just the right place?  That goes down to that deep place inside of you and resonates in such a way that it actually inspires you to want to do something in your real life or change something in your way of thinking to help make you a better person or improve your life?  Or hasn’t that ever happened to you?  Heck, maybe it’s just me, I know I’m a bit weird and somewhat different from other people.  😉

But seriously, gosh, to be that good of a writer or movie director to be able to tell a story that has that kind of power to truly influence others in that way would be so amazing!  I think it’s all about being able to communicate effectively.  To be able to convey a thought or a feeling using words or pictures and have it reach another person in a way they can understand and relate to.  And there are sooo many different ways to communicate.  Oh how I love when I’m watching a movie and the mere expression in an actor/actress’ eyes tell it all.  Or when I’m reading and the words being used to describe something paint such a vivid picture in my mind that I can actually see it, and feel it.

Being able to communicate in that type of way is truly a gift, I wish I had it.  I have all of one segment written down of a nearly entire story that lives inside my head, and it took such great effort to get it written down and worded somewhat properly that it may never get any further than that.  Trying to write a made-up story is completely different than writing about and sharing the ins and outs of every-day-life type of stuff.

Communicating well and connecting with others is so very important to me, and whether it’s through writing or while talking, I think for the most part I usually do a pretty good job.  Although, every once in a while a misunderstanding or miscommunication is bound to happen.  The key is to be a good listener.  I think I’m a good listener, at least I hope I am.  I know that sometimes I need to be careful not to get so intent about something that I want to share that I fail to listen properly.  I can be a bit on the hyper side at times, especially if I’m excited about something.  😀

But it really is so important to be a good listener.  To me, being a good listener means to sincerely care about the other person and what they are saying.  I saw a quote once that said something like “The first duty of love, is to listen” and I really like that.  Sometimes showing love to others isn’t only about what you do for them, it’s about just simply being truly present there with them in their own moment as they share.  And not only listening, but hearing.  Communicating well goes both ways, it’s not just about expressing your own self.

Anyway, I don’t really know what my point here is…

How’s that for communicating?!  Hahaha!

I guess I’m just feeling all mushy because I like it when I feel things when I’m watching a movie, and I’m wishing I could do such a thing as to inspire others and make them feel stuff too.

Ya know, we all have these blogs as a forum to express and share our thoughts, feelings, interests, etc. with others, and we can only hope that our posts affect and influence others in some way that touches their lives with meaning.  Well, that’s why I have mine anyway.  Whether I accomplish that or not still remains to be seen.  I have tons of drafts that I’ve never published because sometimes I’m embarrassed to share them, thinking “oh my followers don’t want to hear about that” or because I don’t want to be a depressing downer when I’m feeling low because I always want to be a source of light and encouragement to others.

But maybe, just maybe, all of that doesn’t really matter because the thing about the internet is that you just never know who may happen across your path (blog) and just perhaps what you may have to say on any given day (even the embarrassing or depressing stuff) could possibly make them feel something that makes all the difference in their day.  Even if it’s just a laugh,  just a tear, or even just a slight sense of relatedness, to have any sort of affect on another person by what I have to share is a big deal to me.

And one last thought…

It is my firm belief that words are powerful and should not be used carelessly.  Another quote comes to mind here…  “Words and hearts should be handled with care, for words when spoken and hearts when broken are the hardest things to repair.”