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Buzzing Mums

One of my favorite fall-time blooms are Chrysanthemums.  They come in a lovely array of colors and seem to be the perfect flowering companion and accent to go with the gorgeous colors of the autumn leaves on the trees.  I don’t have any growing in my garden here (yet), but I have been enjoying all the mums I’ve seen while I’m out and about at various places.

I happened upon a lovely patch of them one day while out running errands, it was a beautiful sunny day and I had my camera with me, so I stopped to take a few photos.  They were not only abundant in blooms, but were also buzzing with the lively hum of bumblebees.








Such a delight to come across in the midst of my busy day.  😀


Autumn is progressing here and the temps are dipping down low, but there is still so much beauty all around.  I’m thankful for eyes to see, and for a heart to feel it with.  ♥

Peace and love…