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“Baby it’s Cold Outside” and I’ve Got the Frost on My Windows to Prove it

We tend to talk a lot about the weather here in Minnesota and yesterday was no exception.  It was downright frigid!  I saw one local weather news headline that called us Minn-Arctica.  That’s exaggerating a bit, but it made a point, the temperatures here yesterday were the lowest they have been in two years.

Here in the Twin Cities, I woke up to minus 11 degrees and farther north they had morning wind chills of minus FIFTY.  Yikes!  But we are hardy folk and take it all in stride.  😉

But as much as we like to discuss the weather in Minnesota, I’m not here to give you a weather report, I want to share some photos that I snapped yesterday of the frosty ice crystals that I discovered having a lovely little winter party on my bedroom windows.

On these first couple of photos, the sun wasn’t quite up yet and I was so tickled with the way the lighting of the sky set off the frost so beautifully.

(Click on individual images for larger viewing)

This one is my favorite…DSCF0280b


But I also love the spiked edges on this one, they remind me of pine.DSCF0281b


Then my stupid batteries died so I went to put them in the charger and snatched my daughter’s camera out of her room while she was sleeping.  The sun had risen a bit more by then so it was shining brightly into my windows for these next few.  I wasn’t as pleased with how these turned out, but they are still very pretty and I do love the way the light catches.







Of course, I realize that having this frost on my windows indicates poor insulation, but it sure is pretty to look at and there’s only a slight breeze coming in.  😉  Plus it’s always nice to look at the bright side of things ~ if it’s gonna be so dang cold outside, we may as well enjoy what beauty of it we can find, right?

And if all else fails… we can always go lay on the floor of the bathroom in front of the heating vent.  Wha?

Look what I found when I walked into the bathroom the other day.  My silly cat!  She may be keeping warm, but this doesn’t look very comfortable to me…DSCN6703


Well, try and stay warm people!

And be sure to watch for the beauty that is most certainly all around you if you only look, even when it’s freezing cold.  😉