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Winter Sunset

Well, I didn’t end up being able to see the comet Pan-STARRS when I went out to look for it last night, the sky was a bit too overcast.  I was really disappointed because I was so looking forward to it, but I was mostly upset because the reason it was “overcast” was due to the massive amounts of contrails left behind by aircraft that were repeatedly flying back and forth overhead.  What the heck are they doing up there anyway?!  I always get angry when I see them because they destroy the beautiful, crisp blue sky and make it all hazy.  Grrr!

But even as annoyed as I was about that, it did provide some pretty hues of color for the sunset.  So when I stopped focusing on the fact that they were “fake” clouds, I was able to enjoy the beauty of it, and I snapped a few photos.  I wish I had a nicer camera, but it did capture the lovely colors I was seeing…



Oddly, this next shot was taken about 15 minutes earlier than the photo above, except from a different vantage point on the hill where I was.  One cool thing about sunsets is the variety of changes they go through as they progress.  I would have never thought this would have ended up turning into the bright pinks and purples in the previous photo…



I plan to go out each evening to try and catch a glimpse of the comet, so hopefully I’ll get my opportunity.  But if not, perhaps I’ll still have some pretty sunsets to look at.


Comets in the Sky

First thing I’ve felt excited about in weeks…

I just found out that the comet Pan-STARRS will begin being visible from the Northern Hemisphere today!


And weather permitting, I will be out there this evening with my binoculars trying to catch a glimpse of it.


However, according to this video that I saw in an article that I read on Space.com this morning, “it could be difficult to see because from our point of view on Earth the comet will be very close to the sun, this means that it is only observable in twilight when the sky is not fully dark.”

Although I’ll be heading out there tonight, they are saying “the best dates to look may be March 12th and 13th when it emerges in the Western sunset sky not far from the crescent moon.”  So I will definitely be checking it out then as well.  Oh how lovely to have a comet and a crescent moon both shining at once!

Also, according to the video there is another, even better comet due to grace our night sky later this year.  “In November 2013 comet ISON could shine as brightly as a full moon in broad daylight when it passes through the atmosphere of the sun.”  As bright as a full moon in broad daylight?!  Sweet!  That’s what I’m talking about!  Seriously though how cool!

Yeah, I tend to get off on all things sky related, and with the rarity of comets I’m absolutely tickled at the possibility of seeing these.  “Two bright comets in one year is a rare treat.”


Here is the link to the original article I read on Space.com if you are interested in learning more: