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The Simple Comfort of a Cat

So warm and comforting

 her purring vibrates against my chest blending in with my own heartbeat soothing me.

Fur so thick and luxurious

with one touch my hand melts into its heavenly softness.

Our mutual affection so tender and sweet

a sudden joy catches me by surprise and then contentment.

My precious little companion

my cat.

© Julie Rehnelt 2012


It might be weird to write a poem about your cat, but the other night while I was in bed trying to sleep, my mind filled with worry and dread, Baby, one of my cats came in and made herself comfortable upon my chest and these were the words that came to mind and helped calm my troubled thoughts.  Our pets have a way of comforting us in the most simplest form, but I also find it quite remarkable…

Baby ~ my snuggle bug ♥~

A while back I wrote a post Cat Crazy where I shared all about my cats.  Feel free to take a look at it if you’re interested…

As I Awake


I awake, remnants of a dream still lingering in my fuzzy mind.

Slowly my senses start to come alive.  I hear the splattering of gentle raindrops mingling with the song of birds drifting in through my open window.

I feel the softness of my sheets against my bare skin as I stir between them.

Even in these early stages of awakening somehow my cat senses it and begins meowing outside my bedroom door.

But my bed is warm and I am reluctant to leave its comfort to go open my door to allow her access.

Thoughts gradually increase as my mind becomes more awake.  I roll over and try to block them out.  Not yet wanting reality to invade this peaceful sleepiness.

I search for a fragment of that last dream I was having, but it has completely dissolved and retreated back into the depths of my subconscious.

The scent of wet earth mixed with spring blossoms fills my senses now, as the slightest wisp of a breeze blows lightly against my face.

For a brief moment I lay reveling in the joys of spring and the new life that it brings.

But reality is pressing in hard upon this early awakening bliss.  There is no escape from the dreadful thoughts of my circumstances that threaten to steal my peace.

Like a flood, all of my worries and hurts pour into my mind now.  I resist, but they are relentless in their pursuit of my undivided attention.

I am no longer aware of the gentle rain, the sweet bird songs have been silenced in my distress.  My bed is no longer comfortable, I toss about in discontent, becoming overwhelmed with emotion as each thought surfaces.

“God please help me” I whisper aloud.  I repeat it in my mind over and over.

So simple, so basic.  So… effective.  Little by little other thoughts begin trickling in, and with them… hope.  Relief.

I am aware once again of my cat meowing outside the door.  She is hungry and I realize… so am I.

I climb out of bed and open my door to grant her entrance.  She’s happy to see me.  As I go back to lay down, she follows me.

She makes herself comfortable upon my chest.   The softness of her fur, and the vibration of her purring deeply comforts me.

Together we lay, enjoying in each others affection.  With the sounds and smells of spring coming in through my open window.

We remain this way until my desire for coffee beckons me.  Unable to resist, I slide out from beneath the covers and slipping on a robe

start the day…

© Julie Rehnelt 2012


Hmm… I seem to be in a sort of “poetry” type of writing mood.  If that’s what this even is?  Strange.  Just gotta go with these things when they come upon you though I guess…

Cat cRaZy

Well, it’s official… I’ve become a “cat person.”

I didn’t mean for it to happen.  Really I didn’t.  I’ve always considered myself to be more of a dog person.  Dogs are so much fun and the stereotypes that cats have are quite the turn off.  But now that I have cats… I know better.

Hi, I’m Julie, and I’m a cat person.

Make fun of me if you want, but I’m no longer ashamed to admit it.  I’m crazy about my cats!

My cats bring an unbelievable amount of joy and sense of contentment to my life.  Even amidst (especially amidst) the most difficult times.

Their names are Sugar and Baby.  If you’d like to hear about them and be inundated with fuzzy wuzzy cuddly photos of them then keep reading.

Heeeeere’s Sugar…

My ex husband brought her home to me one morning in the wee hours just before daylight.  He worked over-nights at the time and had been on his way home when he spotted some baby kittens on the side of the road.  He wasn’t able to rescue all of them because they ran away and hid.  But he did manage to capture my precious little Sugar.

Here is one of the earliest photos I have of her.  Be ready…. the cuteness factor here may overwhelm you!

Now isn’t she just about the cutest little thing that you’ve ever laid eyes on?!  Look at that little face!   Yep, sweet as “sugar” ~ she stole my heart immediately.  ♥


She’s super smart and inquisitive about everything.  She can break into rooms, closets, cabinets, you name it.  If she wants in bad enough there’s no keeping her out.  She can even open doors.  And she’s always in our business.  Doesn’t matter what we’re doing… she wants to be right there in the middle of it all.

Exhibit A.  The photo below was just taken last night while we were putting up the Christmas tree.  See… she’s right in there with the Christmas lights as we were untangling them…

But even though she’s always in our business, she is very obedient and rarely gets into trouble.  From a very young age she just behaved and when we did have to tell her no, she listened.  She’s such a good little kitty girl.  ♥


Well, except in this next photo… She was lounging on my dining room table.  Which she is NOT supposed to be on!  I wasn’t home at the time and rather than kicking her off, apparently my daughter ~ who is a budding photographer, decided to use the opportunity to take a cute picture…


Sugar is also a talking cat and one of these days my daughter and I are going to try and record some of the many conversations we have with her on a daily basis.  Of course she speaks in cat language so we have absolutely no idea what she is saying, but it’s so freaking adorable!

This is one of my favorite photos of Sugar.  My daughter captured this adorable shot of her one day while Sugar was napping on her bed….

And here’s another one that is equally as adorable…~

Several years ago, Sugar had a litter of kittens.  Omygosh that was such an amazing experience!  I had always heard that when an expectant mother cat is ready to deliver she will go and hide somewhere to have them.  But not Sugar.  She came and got me.  I was sitting at my computer and she jumped up on the chair next to me.  She had a strange expression on her face and was sitting kind of weird.  Then she meowed and jumped down and I saw a wet spot on the chair.  She just stood there looking at me like she was waiting for me so I asked “Are you ready to have your babies?”  She meowed again and I could tell the answer was “yes”.  So I led her upstairs to our guestroom where I had made a spot for her weeks earlier.  She followed me, jumped right up there and started having her babies.  Purring all the while and tending so lovingly to each little wet globby kitten that came along.

She had five.  Five little precious honey pies. ♥


And this is where Baby comes in…

Baby is one of the kittens from Sugar’s litter that we decided to keep.  She was the runt.  She’s not a runt now ~she’s bigger than Sugar.  All she does is eat and lay around so she’s quite a little chubba wubbs.  In the photo above she’s the one in the middle front of the shot.

And this is an early one of her by herself.  So little…


Baby is my smooshy little cuddle bug.  She is so affectionate and sweet and such a comfort to me.  She doesn’t really like to be held or picked up, but she loves to lay on me.  It usually has to be on her terms, but a lot of the time she seems to know when I’m upset and her cuddly timing is purrfect.

Let me tell you… that having a warm, soft, purring cat laying on you is one of the most comforting, reassuring, and peaceful feelings in the world.  Sometimes when everything else in life is all discombobulated and overwhelming… all I have to do is pet my cats.  I know… it sounds dumb and maybe even overly simple, but it’s true.

Here are a couple of cute shots of Baby that my daughter took…


Baby sleeps with me a lot and in the past on some nights she used to even sort of nag me when she wanted me to go to bed so she could cuddle.  It was a cute nag though because she has the cutest meow in the world.  Even though Sugar is our “talking cat”… when Baby meows your heart absolutely melts.  “Resistance is futile” because it’s the sweetest sound you’ll ever hear.  Sometimes she’ll come and wake me up in the morning with her sweet little meowing.  Usually it’s because her food dish is empty, but there is no way I can ever wake up crabby with such an adorable sounding alarm clock. ♥

Leaning over the side of my bed, I snapped this shot of her with my cell phone one morning when she was “alarm clocking” me…

Yep… no way you could be crabby about this waking you up is there?  Didn’t think so!  🙂


I guess that’s about it for now on my cats.  But before you go, here is one of the two of them together. This is a rare occasion because Baby has become top cat and Sugar gets annoyed.  It’s taken with my cell so it’s not the best quality, but still adorable!


Don’t let stereotypes about cats fool you ~ they have the ability to fill your life with so much love!

The little girl in this video is so random…